Dear Esteemed Members of ISCO,

Kaku Professional Engineers Limited, Nigeria in collaboration with Texas A & M University National Spill Control School, Corpus Christi,Texas, USA cordially invites  all the members of ISCO to attend our 2nd Oil Spill Conference holding in Accra, Ghana in June 12-14, 2013 to deliberate interactively and holistically on how to solve myriads of oil spill problems that have led to severe environmental degradation with its concomitant destruction of land,fishing industry ,marine life and threat to safety and health of the people living in the oil producing areas of Nigeria.

We call on international response and control organisations to assist through this conference with ideas and strategies to prevent, clean-up and restore the environment of the affected areas of Nigeria. Apart from  security challenges, we moved this Conference to Ghana to enable us share experiences with our Ghana neighbour that just discovered oil and to reach wider audience.

Please for further information and registration,visit our website

Kind regards,

Engr.Sylvester Egwu


During the period of website rebuilding your Secretary is refraining from posting new updates on your page because this would complicate data transfer to the new site.
In the meantime, your Secretary can report that on your behalf he has participated in further conference calls with the core group on January 29, February 5 and 11, and a further call is scheduled for February 20. Discussions have been focused on the content and lay-out of information in the RRI. The core group has also been debating on how the system can work as a tool for sourcing available resources in a major event and in helping to ensure that requests for help and offers of assistance are framed in ways  that promote clear understanding between parties. A more comprehensive report will be posted as soon as possible.