ISCO is pleased to introduce and welcome the following new members who have recently joined the organization.




· Imbibitive Technologies America Inc. – Manufacturers of the well known “Imbiber Beads” that are used to reduce health, fire and explosion hazards by encapsulating spills of volatile organic liquids.


· Welseas Africa Co. Ltd. – Marine Services and Trading Company, based in Tema, Ghana, West Africa.


· Clean Caribbean and Americas (CCA) – The Regional Oil Spill Response Organization whose members include most of the major international and regional oil companies and oil related facilities in the Caribbean and Latin America. Established in 1977 and located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, CCA holds a large inventory of equipment and supplies, and is capable of responding to a major oil spill anywhere in the region.




· Funda Gurcuoglu – based in Istanbul, Turkey, Funda is on the staff of ISCO Corporate Member, Meke Marine Environmental Protection Services.


· Kevin Wang – based in Anaheim, California, USA, Kevin is with US Oil Clean-up, part of Power Plus Cleaning Solutions, providing equipment and services for oil spill response, and post-incident cleanup and remediation of Hazmat, Biohazard, Terrorist Attack, Fire, Water, Flood, Mould, and Asbestos.

· Wu Yue – based in Beijing, China. By way of introduction, Wu has provided the following information – Wu is Chief Representative Officer of ISCO Corporate Member, Lamor Group Ltd., Beijing Representative Office. “I joined the Lamor Group (Finland) in 2006. Since then I thoroughly dedicated myself to the spill response technology and OSR equipments promotion. I have participated in many oil spill emergency drills and oil spill response, especially in this July, On behalf of Lamor I took charge of organizing job on the scene to contain the oil outflows due to an oil pipeline blast in Dalian, a port city in North China. Also, I’m a member of China Institute of Navigation Committee of the Ship Pollution Prevention. I have given training lessons in Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) several times and a number of my papers were published in periodicals, for example, “Practical Equipment and Technology in Oil Spill Emergency Response” and ” Suggestions for Construction of Oil Spill Emergency Centers in Coastal Areas”

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