For legal and other reasons ISCO and the ISCO Newsletter cannot, and will not, endorse products and services provided by members or other third parties.


However, we do welcome contributions about new technical developments – one of ISCO’s aims is to disseminate information to our community on new products and services, technical improvements and the realisation of new ideas for improving spill prevention and response.


In order to be accepted for publication articles should be factual and written in concise, clear language. Articles with overt sales  promotion, exaggerated claims,  or other dubious content will not be accepted.


A well written article, with one or more photos, is a great way to tell the world about a new technological advance. It is good PR and it’s free. In allocating editorial space, ISCO Members are given priority (without their support this Newsletter would not be published) but contributions from non-members may also be accepted if publication conforms with ISCO’s educational objectives.

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