Following on the recent election ISCO is pleased to announce that Captain D.C. Sekhar MNI has been appointed as the Representative of India on the ISCO Council.


We offer our congratulations to Capt. Sekhar on his appointment.


Capt. Sekhar has been managing director of AlphaMERS Pvt. Ltd. since 2010. He began his sea-going career as a cadet in 1980 and progressed through the ranks in the Merchant Navy gaining experience in tanker operations as a junior and senior officer.  Among his qualifications he is an experienced auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISM Code, ISPS Security Code. He is a trained marine incident investigator and experienced in tanker fleet risk management.


Currently he is guiding in-house R&D in spill response equipment capabilities and developing a decision support system for the incident response on-scene-commander.

The full name of his company, which is based in Bangalore, is Alpha Marine Emergency Services Private Limited. The company provides pollution control services for the marine industry.

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