In case you haven’t looked at the ISCO RRI pages recently, around 70 categories of equipment / materials have been added to the list  that are being recommended for inclusion in the resource databank in case of a major oil spill at any world location.




Many of these resources will be available within inventories owned by ISCO Corporate Members who will later be identified in the RRI.


One of the next tasks will be to look at human resources – individuals who have specialised knowledge and experience – and start to define categories of know -how that may be in short supply.


Members of the group are asked to contribute to the RRI initiative by sending in their ideas and comments for posting on the RRI pages.


Some members – response companies, equipment and materials manufacturers, consultants and training providers – who have not yet joined the RRI correspondence group are recommended to do so now.  We want to have the benefit of your inputs. 


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