Classified Advertising



Specifications and Conditions  

1.       ISCO Members in good standing are entitled to place advertisements at no cost in one or more of the classifications as appropriate. 

2.       For non-members the cost is GB Pounds 500.00 per entry per period of 12 months. 

3      The advertising format is – A graphic based advert in the format of a .GIF or .JPG file. Pixel dimensions should be approx. 500px (wide) X 130px (high).

4.       To maximise benefit from advertising the inclusion of a link to the advertiser’s own website is recommended. 

5.       We would ask that, where possible, advertisers should include a link to ISCO in their own websites. Links of this kind enhance the performance of search engines in giving prominence to the ISCO site. ISCO Members in good standing are entitled to display the ISCO logo to denote that they are part of an international organization dedicated to improving worldwide co-operation and preparedness. An ISCO logo on your website can incorporate a link to the ISCO website. 

6.       Technical assistance in preparing an advertisement can be provided at moderate cost. Please contact John McMurtrie for more information. [email protected]

7.       Content of advertisement/s should relate to the selected classification/s – Consultancy Services, Equipment & Materials, Response Organisations, or Training Services. ISCO retains the right to refuse to accept or require the modification of any submitted advertising copy deemed unsuitable or inconsistent with ISCO policy. 

8.       In the event that a Member allows his membership of ISCO to lapse or a non-member fails to pay fees for continuation of advertisement/s beyond the pre-paid period, ISCO may remove the advertisement/s from the website.  

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