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David Usher (President) Founder of the Spill Control Association of America (SCAA).Co-founder of the International Spill Control Organization (ISCO). Co-founder of the American Salvage Association (ASA) and Member of the Board of Directors of AMC/Intertanko. Has been in the spill response profession for over 45 years. Areas of specialty include emergency offloading of distressed vessels. Early pioneer in placing spill control equipment in vulnerable areas.

Rear Admiral Michael L. Stacey retired from the Royal Navy in 1979 after 38 years of varied service, when he was recruited into the UK Government to establish and to operate a national oil spill responseorganisation. He later additionally assumed responsibility for HM Coastguard, and served for three years as the President of the Bonn agreement. Retiring, for a second time, after eight years, he became an international consultant, with especial relationships with Air Atlantique’s proven expertise in the airborne application of chemical dispersant on oil at sea, andcontinues to be involved with the development of theoil industry response base of Oil Spill Response Ltd.(OSRL) at Southampton. He was chairman of BOSCA (the UK oil spill trade association) for five years, and has written national contingency plans for countries in Europe, the Arabian Gulf and the Caribbean. He is a Younger Brother of Trinity House, a Freeman of the City of London,a member of the Honourable Company of Shipwrights and also of Master Mariners. In support of his favourite charity he is a Life Vice President of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). 

Daniel F. Sheehan is a registered Professional Engineer and Consultant on national and international maritime safety, security and environmental protection issues, and is involved in these matters at IMO as a member of the delegation for the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Past experience as a member of the Senior Executive Service includes US Coast Guard appointments as Director of Information and Technology; Director, National Pollution Funds Center; and Associate Program Director, Office of Maritime Safety, Security, and Environmental Protection. He was the first chairman of the Interagency Oil Spill Prevention and Response R&D Committee and has extensive international negotiation experience both as head of and serving on delegations to IMO and UNCTAD. He is a distinguished Senior Fellow of the George Mason University’s Critical Infrastructure Project, a graduate of the University of Maryland (BSc Eng.), a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and a graduate of George Washington University (MPA). Amongst several other medals and awards, he holds the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive, the highest award in the Federal Civil Service. 

John McMurtrie (ISCO Secretary) is a graduate of Aberdeen University (MA) and a Fellow of the Energy Institute (FEI). He was a Founding Member and is a past Chairman of the British Oil Spill Control Association (BOSCA), which he represented as a member of the Steering Committee for the International Spill Control Organisation (ISCO). He was a co-founder of ISCO and currently manages the ISCO Secretariat. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of International Spill Accreditation (ISA), a not-for-profit organisation, initially set up to administer the UK Oil Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme, now involved in establishing similar schemes in other countries with the overall objective of raising industry standards. He is an on-call consultant to the IMO and the UK government’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). He has had experience of advising governments and industry in oil pollution control matters and has a particular interest in helping organisations to develop and implement cost-effective solutions based on resource and cost sharing between stakeholders. He has been involved in oil pollution control for more than 40 years and has substantial international experience. 

Marc K. Shaye (Legal Counsel to ISCO) is a graduate of the University of Michigan (BA) and Wayne State University of Law (JD). His practice is specialised in Environmental Law, Natural Resources, and Occupational Health and Safety. He is a qualified Environmental Assessor and has lectured at MSc level on Hazardous Waste Management, He has served with distinction on numerous committees and bar associations, addressing OPA regulations, ASTM standards, OSRO accreditation, Partnership Action Team development, Homeland Security and many other matters. He has presented papers and has had many articles on environmental law and related matters published in learned journals and conference proceedings. For more than 30 years he was General Counsel and Executive Director of The Spill Control Association of America and was the recipient of the 2000 Howard E. Stanfield Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service to the Spill Response Industry. Marc Shaye was Legal Counsel to ISCO from 1983 and continues to advise the organisation.

Jean-Claude Sainlos is an environmental lawyer who held the post of “Charge de Mission a la Mission Interministerielle de la Mer” at the office of the Prime Minister, Paris, from October 1978 to June 1986.  He entered the UN system in June 1986 as Programme Officer at the Regional Seas Programme of UNEP, in Nairobi, Kenya. He first joined IMO in December 1988 as Director of the IMO/UNEP Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre (REMPEC) for the Mediterranean Sea, based in Malta. In June 1998 Mr Sainlos left Malta to take up duties at IMO Headquarters in London, as Senior Deputy Director of the Sub-Division for Pollution Response and Technical Co-operation Co-oedination, in the Marine Environment Division (MED). He was promoted to Director of MED, a position in which he served from 2004 – 2008.

M. Kerem Kemerli is President of the MEKE Group of Companies and the President of SESMEKE, which is a joint venture of SEACOR and MEKE. He is also a Board Member of TUDAV, the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (, He is the Chairman of Eurospill Association, (the spill response association of Europe) and a founding Director of OSRAM, the regional (Mediterranean) spill response alliance which promotes operational co-ordination between leading response companies in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, and Turkey. He has authored papers on chemical incident and oil spill response.

Paul Pisani, a citizen of Malta, is a Director of Alpha Briggs Mediterranean Limited, which is the parent company of Briggs Libya Limited. He is a Founding Member of the Briggs Group in the central Mediterranean, and has been involved in regional oil and gas as well as shipping activities since 1990. He has been involved in Oil Spill Response through his company, the AOST Group since 1995. More recently, he was involved in co-ordinating with other oil spill response companies in the Mediterranean, leading to the development of OSRAM, a Mediterranean Alliance of Oil Spill Response Companies.

Simon Rickaby, A Chartered Engineer, Freeman of the City of London, Past President (2002/3) and Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and an Executive Officer of the Milford Haven Port Authority, Simon has been Managing Director of Braemar Howells since 1998. With extensive domestic and international spill response experience, (he attended his first international incident in 1978) he has brought this knowledge to bear on the design, installation and implementation of oil pollution counter measures all over the world. He earned a written commendation from the UK Government for his work on the Sea Empress spill in 1996 and the Multitank Ascania in 2000 and recently led National Contingency Plan workshops on behalf of the IMO, establishing Marpol waste reception facilities in Nigeria. He retains a hands-on involvement with all areas of the business, overseeing the development of Braemar Howells into the world’s first ISO 9001 accredited oil and chemical spill response, consultancy, training and contracting company. Simon attends the IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) as an NGO delegate with particular interest in OPRC and OPRC-HNS. He is an acknowledged authority on HNS matters, having lectured on the subject around the world.

Li Guobin – General Manager of Sunic-Ocean Marine Technical & Service Co. Ltd., Member of China Institute of Marine Anti-pollution, based in Qingdao, People’s Republic of China. Before joining the Executive Committee of ISCO, Li Guobin was ISCO Member of Council for the People’s Republic of China. A more complete profile is under preparation.

Capt. Bill Boyle, MNI – has spent over 30 years at sea, 22 of which he served as Master in various types of vessels. This included 8 years as Master of the dedicated North Sea pollution control vessels, Forth Explorer and British Shield. He has substantial oil pollution control experience and has been involved in many major international oil spills. In 2001 he joined Alpina Briggs as Operations Manager based in Rio de Janeiro and in 2002 moved to Sao Paulo as Operations Director. Alpina Briggs is an Oil Spill Response Company dedicated to advancing pollution control awareness and co-operation in Latin America. The company has 32 bases at key locations in Brazil with large stockpiles of equipment. Spill risk assessment and pollution control training is carried out in various countries throughout Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay. Capt. Boyle is now General Manager of Briggs Environmental Services, responsible for day-to-day national and international operations, liaising with clients and government agencies, national and international.



John Wardrop is specialised in oil spill response, training, impact assessment and rehabilitation. He has been a member of ISCO since 2008. Experience includes acting as consultant to government and industry for over 25 years, emergency and oil spill response planning and training, environmental management, development and implementation of HSE management sysyems. He has work experience in Australia, PR CHINA, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, UK, PR Vietnam, PNG and USA.

Namig Gandilov 
is Emergency Response Advisor to BP in Azerbaijan. A more complete profile is under preparation. 

Captain Bill Boyle MNI has spent over 30 years at sea, 22 of which he served as Master in various types of vessels. This included 8 years as Master of the dedicated North Sea pollution control vessels, Forth Explorer and British Shield. He has substantial oil pollution control experience and has been involved in many major international oil spills. In 2001 he joined Alpina Briggs as Operations Manager based in Rio de Janeiro and in 2002 moved to Sao Paulo as Operations Director. Alpina Briggs is an Oil Spill Response Company dedicated to advancing pollution control awareness and co-operation in Latin America. The company has 32 bases at key locations in Brazil with large stockpiles of equipment. Spill risk assessment and pollution control training is carried out in various countries throughout Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay. 


Merv Fingas, M.Sc., Ph.D., has worked for more than 25 years in the field of oil spill technology at Environment Canada’s Environmental Technology Center in Ottawa, Ontario. As head of the Emergencies Science Division at the Centre, he currently conducts and manages research and development projects in the sciences as they relate to spill measurement, evaluation, and control. His specialties include spill dynamics and behaviour, studies of spill-treating agents, in-situ burning of oil spills, and the technology of personal protection equipment. He is called upon to make presentations on these subjects at international conferences around the world. Dr. Fingas earned his doctorate in environmental sciences from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He also holds master’s degrees in science and business administration from the University of Ottawa in Ontario, as well as a bachelor of arts degree and technical training in machining and electronics. Dr. Fingas has authored or co-authored more than 450 technical reports and papers on various aspects of oil spill research. These include writings on the development of new and improved procedures for testing dispersants and extracting solvents, studies of water-in-oil emulsions and dispersants, monitoring oil spill concentrations, identifying the source of oil spills, studies of chemical treating agents and their effectiveness, in-situ burning of oil spills and the emissions from such fires, oil spill remote sensors, and the review and selection of personal protection equipment. Dr. Fingas is on the editorial board of the Journal of Hazardous Materials, the Spill Science and Technology Bulletin, and the Journal of Micro-Column Separations, and has served as guest editor for several special issues of these publications. In 1999, he was appointed to the United States Academy of Sciences and is a member of an eight-person committee to review the sources, fate, and effects of oil in the sea. He is vice-chairman of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) F-20 Committee on Spill Standards, and chairman of the In-situ Oil Spill Burning Committee.

CHINA (Hong King)
Capt. Davy T.S. Lau
 is an experienced Merchant Navy officer with substantial oil pollution response experience. His background includes responsibility as Operations Manager for Hong Kong Response Limited. which was established by the five major oil companies with operations in Hong Kong, China. In parallel, he was an instructor, conducting navigation classes leading to competency certification. Most recently, Captain Lau has acted as Technical Writer for a local oil spill response company, helping to win a five year government contract for oil spill response in Hong Kong Harbour.

CHINA (Mainland)

Mr Guobin Li is Managing Director of Sunic-Ocean  Marine Technical and Service Co. Ltd. A more complete profile is under preparation.


Mr Darko Domovic MSc, former Senior Programme Officer for REMPEC in Malta is now Technical Advisor to the Oil Spill Education Centre in Croatia.  A more complete profile is under preparation.

Eng. Ashraf Sabet
 is a respected figure in Egyptian pollution control circles. He has been with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Marine Transport since 1975 and was responsible for the operation of the Cairo Branch. Many of his former students now hold responsible positions in government. With his long experience in the maritime industry, he has represented Egypt and the Arab Academy at numerous international conferences. He is Chairman and CEO of PESCO a leading pollution Egyptian response company which holds the vice-chair of MOIG, the Mediterranean Oil Spill Group dedicated to advancing regional pollution control co-operation. He took a key role in establishing OSRAM and is the first President of this regional spill response alliance which promotes operational co-operation between leading response companies in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, and Turkey. 

Torbjörn Hedrenius
 is Managing Director of Hedro Balti OÜ, an oil spill response company with operations in Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. A more complete profile is under preparation. 

Pauli Einarsson
 is Managing Director of Oil Spill Response Faroes P/F. A more complete profile is under preparation.

Prof. Harilaos N. Psaraftis is Professor of Maritime Transport at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He is currently involved in the EU-MOP Project in which NTUA is one of 13 international partners. The project proposes the design and proof of concept of autonomous Elimination Units for Marine Oil Pollution (EU-MOPs), capable of mitigating and eliminating the threat arising from oil spill incidents. The EU-MOP Project is funded in part from the Commission of the European Communities, Research Directorate-General, Sixth Framework Programme. Prof. Psaraftis has been the CEO of the Port of Piraeus from 8/1996 to 3/2002.


Captain D. C. Sekhar, heading AlphaMERS, is an experienced captain of large seagoing tankers and is a trained and experienced internal auditor of ISM, ISPS, WMS, QMS and PMS. He is a trained and experienced incident investigator. He has completed finance management at Singapore and executive general management at the renowned Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He is a passionate writer on marine technical issues in trade magazines and a speaker at many trade seminars. He heads AlphaMERS and also the sister company from the same promoters, engaged in techno commercial feasibility studies of coastal and inland water projects.

Dan Arbel, B.Sc. (Eng.), MBA. 
Has over 30 years experience in the oil industry of which 12 years were in the environment field. He is involved in marine pollution related equipment, consulting and marketing, and in ground water remediation and sewage biological treatment. Prior to being in the oil industry he was in production management and industrial engineering. 

Sanjay Gandhi 
is a Civil Engineer and qualified OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor who was born and raised in Kenya. He is Director of Nutek Solutions Ltd., a Nairobi-based company providing HSE consulting and support services for clients in the petroleum, manufacturing and service sectors. Before founding his company, Sanjay worked for Chevron in Africa and the USA for 14 years and became deeply involved in oil spill prevention and control. He was author of the Kenya National Marine Oil Spill Response Contingency Plan which has been adopted as a working document by the IMO for Kenya. Together with Dr Andrew Holmes of Shell/BP he was the co-founder of Kenya’s Oil Spill Mutual Aid Group (OSMAG), a grouping of seven major oil companies who invested in equipment and response preparedness training. As a specialist in incident investigation and root cause analysis, he has delivered lectures in Africa and several overseas countries. 

Joe Braun is Managing Director of Environmental Services Europe s.à.r.l. A more complete profile is under preparation.

Chief Kola Agboke,
 an experienced PetroleumEngineer with over 35 years service in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry,is the Chairman and CEO of Marindus Holdings Ltd., the parent company of Salvesen Pollution Services Nigeria Ltd. and Marine & Industrial Services Nig. Ltd. Chief Kola’s companies serve Nigerian industry, including oil and gas (both offshore and onshore), providing oil and chemical spill response contingency planning, training, emergency response, spill management, response equipment sales and environmental consultancy services. He was a pioneer of oil pollution control in Nigeria and keeps up-to-date by attending major international conferences and other events worldwide. As a former employee of Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) he served on government panels to raise standards of oil industry E&P practice in the Niger Delta in conformity with government regulations. He was also been extensively involved in technology transfer throughout the Nigerian Petroleum Industry and has served on government committees, advising on pollution control and environmental matters. Chief Kola was one of the first members to join the re-launched ISCO and strongly supports the organisation’s objectives. 

Jan Allers
 is Managing Director of AllMaritim AS and has had a lead role over many years in organising the NOSCA oil spill response seminars in Norway. A more complete profile is under preparation. 

Chris Richards 
– Originally at sea with BP Tankers, Chris Richards has now been in the Oil Spill business for more than 20 years, having started as an Operator at what is now OSRL (then BPOSRB) in Southampton, UK in 1982. Shortly after returning from the response to the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in 1989, Chris moved on to spend 4 years managing an Oil Spill Response Centre in Dundee, Scotland on behalf or BP Exploration until returning to OSRL for a 2 year stint as Training Superintendent in 1993. Chris then briefly left the world of oil spills to run an emergency response training centre in the Philippines until 1996, when he returned to the fray by taking over the management of a commercial response centre in Singapore, SOSRC (Singapore Oil Spill Response Centre), part of a marine salvage company (Semco). Both SOSRC and Semco are now part of the world’s biggest port operator, PSA, and Chris’ role has greatly expanded as one of Semco’s Senior Managers and includes marine salvage operations (as Salvage Master), HSE, Quality and Security Management of the whole company and and integral role in the operational management of Semco’s Fleet of ocean going Tugs and Offshore Vessels.

Anton Moldan is a marine biologist by training with much oil spill response experience. He was employed by the South African Department of Environment Affairs for20 yearswhere he was responsible for managing the country’s oil spill response function. This included the development of the national oil spill response strategy, the compilation oflocal oil spill contingency plans, the compilation of a national coastal sensitivity atlas,acquisition and maintenance of a national oil spill response equipment stockpile and the co-ordination of response activities during spill incidents. For the last 10 years he has held the position of Environmental Adviser to the South African Petroleum Industry Association where he is involved inthe coordination of the oil industry’s environmental management practices which includes the coordination of the industry’scombined oil spill preparedness and response activities. He has been involved in the compilation of national oil spill contingency plans in other African countries as well as the promotion of regional agreements.

Dr Ali Saeed Al Ameri 
is Chairman and Managing Director of a number of companies in the UAE and GCC countries. His wide-ranging business interests include oil and gas services, management consultancy, training and development. His PhD is in Management and Organizational Culture and he is a qualified specialist in adult training, combining theoretical and practical aspects of management. He has been extensively involved in the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies Research and has arranged conferences, symposia and lectures, generally concerned with promoting educational and scientific development of the UAE. Dr Ali has a special interest in pollution control and strongly believes in the aims and values of ISCO. 


Mr Kevin Miller is the founder and manager of HazmatLINK, established in 2004 and now a leading company in providing innovative solutions, assisting clients to manage their hazardous materials and be better prepared to deal with incidents involving hazardous materials.  Kevin also works with the emergency services and governments, providing advice and consultancy on planning and managing incidents involving hazardous materials whether they be as a result of an accident or a deliberate release. Prior to founding HazmatLINK,  Kevin managed the United Kingdom’s National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC). In this role he was responsible for ensuring a rapid and professional response to over 1500 incidents per year ranging from consumer poisonings through to major road accidents and large scale incidents aboard marine vessels. Before working at the NCEC, he was responsible for providing Environmental, Health Safety corporate support to a large international petrochemical company with a turnover of $6 billion and employing over 30,000 staff. Kevin has been involved in a number of projects and activities including developing national dangerous goods regulations and standards, dangerous goods transport corridor risk assessments, rapid assessment of hazardous sites for environmental agencies, part of the Department for Transport working group that developed the code of practice for security of dangerous goods transported by road and rail, assisted in the development of the European Emergency Response Intervention Cards (ERICards), peer reviewed the CDC/NIOSH’s emergency response safety and health database, acted as the scientific advisor to emergency services for a number of exercises and incidents and assisted in the establishment of chemical emergency response teams and support centres. Kevin speaks regularly on issues related to hazardous materials management and emergency response, topics have included looking at hazmat in the urban search and rescue environment, the illicit use of chemicals for terrorism and the implications of new technology on hazmat response. Many organisations have benefited from receiving training from Kevin, including major chemical companies, dangerous goods transport companies, environmental agencies, fire and police and the military. Kevin has a degree in Environmental Science and Chemistry and is a member of the Emergency Planning Society playing an active role in the CBRN Special Interest Group and the Society of Industrial Emergency Safety Officers. 

Dr. Manik Sardessai serves as a Vice President of Technical and Environmental Affairs and Director of Training of Detroit, Michigan, USA based Marine Pollution Control (MPC) Corporation. He is responsible for developing both in-house and client training programs, including development and oversight of all course content and compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations and delivers instructions in 40, 24, and 8 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HazWoper, CFR 1910.120) courses, DOT, Incident Command Systems (ICS), and Chemistry classes. As a Faculty, he has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses at Wayne State University, U.S.A. and University of Saskatchewan, Canada. At MPC, he is responsible for all elements of Corporate Health and Safety Program, including the development and enforcement of Site-Specific Health and Safety in support of emergency operations and scheduled projects. He provides Technical Advice on Chemicals; use, handling, recovery, transport, remedial procedures and actions, and supervision during emergency response involving chemicals. He also develops compliance policies and related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Dr. Sardessai’s education includes a Master of Science degree from Bombay University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry (Pharm.) from Wayne State University, USA. He is trained in nuclear, biological and chemical response at US Army School, Fort McClellan, Alabama. He has published over thirty publications in reputed journals and in abstracts and posters form, and has delivered invited presentations both nationally and internationally. He has been a member of the technical Support Team, Wayne County Emergency Management in Michigan. Since 2002, he has been a member of Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) (USCG, USA).


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Alpha Briggs (Mediterranean) Ltd.

Alpina Briggs Defesa Ambiental S/A

Antipollution International Environmental Protection Services Ltd.

Antipollution SA

Ayles Fernie International Ltd.

Bos Umberto & Co.

Braemar Howells Ltd. 

Briggs Environmental Services Ltd.

Briggs Marine Environmental Services Ltd. (Azerbaijan)

Chatoyer Environmental (Australia)

Chevron Indonesia Company

CI Agent Solutions 

Clean Caribbean and Americas (CCA)   

Clean Globe International

Clean Harbors

Crest Ecomaterials Ltd. 

Crest Eco-materials Ltd. provides the world leading Feather absorbent products, which may revolutionize the Polypropylene absorbents in spill control industry. With 80% degradable natural feather material from the by-product of Down industry, the new Feather absorbents will significantly reduce the secondary pollution of using polypropylene one. Moreover, it has higher absorbency, better strength, competitive and steady price. 
Crest Eco-materials is the inventor and the only manufactor of feather absorbent materials in the world. Our principle is Purifying the Natural Environment by Natural Materials.

Crucial Inc.

Eco Environmental Consultants

Eco Equipments Inc.

Eco Strategic Consultants

Edge Group

Environmental Services Europe

Enviro Voraxial Technology Inc.

Evolution Sorbent Products Corp.

Fast Engineering Ltd.

Fast Engineering Ltd. is a specialist company based that has been providing FASTANK® emergency temporary storage tanks to the oil spill industry and emergency services worldwide for the past 26 years.Started by its current Chairman – Seamus Connolly MBE the company has developed many innovative products for niche markets. More recently a Wildlife Rescue System for recuperation of contaminated birds after an oil spill incident. In the security market it has introduced the FASTANK Hazmat Decon System (HDS) for the decontamination of casualties after a terrorist “dirty bomb attack”. From its manufacturing base in Antrim, Northern Ireland the company exports worldwide and has significant markets in Japan, North America, Europe, middle East and Russia. R&D is a big part of the company ethos. This facility has been utilised by global customers to provide unique on site solutions. Fast Engineering’s reputation for quality and customer service has been a mainstay in company development.The easy to navigate website shows the benefits and applications of the FASTANK® and FASTASLEEP® product range.

Hidroclean Servicos Maritimos S.A.

Hong Kong Spill Response Technology Ltd.

Ikaros Cleantech AB 

Imbibitive Technologies America Inc.

International Environmental & Marine Services

KBKM & Associates

Lamor (UK)

Lamor Corporation Ab (Finland) 

Dim. G. Lignos & Co. 

Marine Pollution Control Corp.

Marine Response Alliance

Maritim Miljo-Beredskap AS

Meke Marine Environmental Protection Services Ltd.

Neocos Consulting Ltd.

Nortek BV

Oceanstar Energy Services Ltd.

Oil Control Systems NL

Oil Pollution Control South Africa

Pelagic Solutions Ltd, Belize.

Pelagic Solutions Ltd. offers a range of spill response consultancy services including oil spill contingency planning and oil spill preparedness (table-top and live exercises). PSL in the process of acquiring the requisite vessels and equipment to become Belize’s first and only spill response organization capable of providing Tier 1 spill response services.

PSL is headed by Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d) a former Commanding Officer of the Belize Defence Force Maritime Wing and a former Ports Commissioner. Major Jones holds a MBA (Shipping & Logistics) from Middlesex University, London as well as a Diploma in Marine Surveying from Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and a Diploma from the US Naval War College. He is a certified marine casualty and accident investigator, a Flag State inspector for the Republic of Panama and an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute. Major Jones has more than 20 years of maritime experience specifically relating to ports, international shipping, maritime law and marine environmental protection.

Power Plus Cleaning Solutions

Resolve Marine Group Inc.

Ro-Clean Desmi A/S

RO-CLEAN DESMI is the original supplier of Oil Spill Response Equipment. As we have been in this specialized market for over 30 years and we know the needs as well as the requirement for durability and versatility. As a supplier of Proven Oil Spill Technology we always ensure that our equipment is state-of-the-art with regard to design and workmanship. 

RO-CLEAN DESMI is specialized in Oil Spill Response Equipment for Mechanical Recovery of Spills on water. Our equipment range covers everything from small booms to specialized vessels. In between we have the Ro-Boom and DOP Pumps which are still the benchmarks for all other suppliers of our type of equipment. Even though Ro-Boom and DOP pumps have been produced for over 30 years they are always the best in each and every comparative test. We are also a World leading supplier when it comes to equipment for Onshore spills as well as equipment for Chemical Oil Spill Response. Besides the equipment supply our experienced staff with an average experience of more than 10 years allow us to guide our clients at a high, technical standard. As our equipment range is complete we are able to guide the clients in exactly the direction of their specific needs. 

Being the supplier of Proven Oil Spill Technology is a job where we constantly have to prove the statement. Test us!! You will see that RO-CLEAN DESMI never let a customer down. Designing and selling equipment which may be stored for more than 15 years without being in real use and then be able to operate immediately in case of an Oil Spill Incident is a great challenge for any supplier. RO-CLEAN DESMI can do it! Visit our website


SESMEKE Environmental Services

Slickbar Products Corporation 

Slickbar Indonesia 

SL Ross Environmental Research

Spilltech Energy Co. Ltd.

Spill Tech Pty. Ltd.

Swire Emergency Response Services

T & T Environmental Technologies

Tulip Environmental Services

Tulip Environmental Services was found in 2002 by Ms. Şafak Özsoy for providing process based solutions on quality, environment, health and safety management systems as well as  risk management and  corporate emergency management both onshore and off shore environment

Tulip has been providing following services:
• Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy and training activities
• Integrated Management Systems ( ISO 9001-ISO 14001- OHSAS 18001)
• Sustainable Waste Management 
• Occupational Health and Safety consultancy and training programs
• Emergency Management / Risk Assessment 
• Oil Spill and Chemical Spills training Programs
• Oil Spill and Chemical Spills Contingency Planning
• Compliance audits for Marine, Environment and Health and Safety Regulations
• Supplier Chain and Management
• Fire management
• Strategic Planning
• Development of Management Skills Program
• Purchasing and Marketing Program

Tulip is an officially recognised company for preparation of Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plans, as well as preparing training programs and exercises in the scope of Oil spill and HNS, approved by The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forest and Undersecretariat For Maritime Affairs.

Tuzla Aritma Ltd.

UK Spill Limited

Verde Remediation Services Ltd.

Vikoma International Ltd.

Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises (P) Ltd.

Founded in 1999, Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises is a provider of oil spill response, consultancy, training, equipment supply and other services to the Indian Government and most of the leading oil companies in India. The backbone of the organisation is its team of committed ex-officers and sailors of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard who posess a wealth of hands-on experience in the field of oil spill response. The company covers its operations in India through its offices in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jamnagar, Gujarat and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Delhi.

Welseas Africa Co. Ltd.

Welseas Africa Company Ltd. is based in Ghana and operates a wide range of services for the marine industry. The company is planning to extend its operations by developing an oil spill response unit in Ghana and the West African Region as a whole. Welseas is currently looking to establish links with international spill response contractors, manufacturers of oil spill response equipment and material in Ghana to develop capacity-building in the oil fields across West Africa to combat oil spillage.




DG & Hazmat Group

International Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians

International Spill Accreditation Association

ISAA is the world authority for accreditation of spill response organizations (SROs) and is dedicated to the raising of worldwide standards in spill response. As a not-for-profit NGO, ISAA sets international standards for spill response in all areas including inland and marine spills. Accreditation is not only applicable to privately owned spill contractors but can also be used by governments and others for independently checking their own response capabilities.

INTERTANKO Intertanko’s members are independent tanker owners and operators of oil and chemical tankers, i.e. non-oil companies and non-state controlled tanker owners, who fulfil the Association’s membership criteria. Independent owners operate some 80% of the world’s tanker fleet and the vast majority are INTERTANKO members. As of January 2011, the organisation had 250 members, whose combined fleet comprises some 3,350 tankers totalling 285 million dwt. INTERTANKO’s associate membership stands at some 320 companies with an interest in shipping of oil and chemicals. 

INTERTANKO is a forum where the industry meets, policies are discussed and statements are created. It is a valuable source of first-hand information, opinions and guidance. INTERTANKO has a vision of a professional, efficient and respected industry, that is dedicated to achieving safe transport, cleaner seas and free competition.

Scottish Environmental Technology Network (SETN)

The Scottish Environmental Technology Network (SETN) aims to improve the competitiveness of Scottish SMEs in the environmental sector including areas such as contaminated land assessment & remediation, waste management, resource recovery, water and wastewater treatment, sustainable urban drainage systems and environmental management. SETN was founded and is led by the Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation Research Centre (CLARRC) based at The University of Edinburgh.  However, SETN works with research base groups from around Scotland either through existing contacts or using INTERFACE. SETN also works closely with complementary initiatives such as the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) in Scotland. SETN aims to create a culture of knowledge transfer and partnership and to assist in building a recognised environmental sector in Scotland. For more information about SETN, visit


The Sea Alarm Foundation

The Sea Alarm Foundation is an initiative by individuals and organisations involved in spills where birds and mammals became oiled. It was generally felt that lessons from passed spills should be learned. Under the umbrella of Sea Alarm constructive steps have been taken to involve those parties with a degree of responsibility during oil spills (including wildlife responders, relevant government agencies, international government and non-governmental organisations [NGOs], and leading parties in industry) in a setting up a strategic programme of action. It is in dialogue with all these parties that Sea Alarm has taken the role of facilitator to improve the state of preparedness throughout Europe. Results from Sea Alarm’s work are increasingly applicable on a global scale.

The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India



PERSGA (The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden)


Hamdan Al-Ghamdi

Dr Shahriar Ameri

William Baird

Richard Barta

Hector Bell

John Cantlie

Versha Carter

Akex Cobra

David Cook

Dr Douglas Cormack

John Bassey David 

Jörg Doolin

Jude Egwuonwu

Marco Formicola

Mark Francis

Roberto Giannini

Funda Gurcuoglu

Erik Halbert

Matthew Nkem Ikediashi

Prof. Chijioke Ikokwu

Mario Izidoro

Dr Wierd Koops

Dwight Lindley

Duncan Lyon

Colin Mackay

David Main

Neil Marson

Justin Maxwell

Dr Felicia Mogo

Dante Neto

John Noble

Brian O’Connor

John Ostergaard

Capt. M. R. Ozyabasligil

Mauricio Padilha

Heather A. Parker  

Helena Rowland

Muhammad Saber

Carlos Sagrera

Carlos is Environmental Advisor to CIP-OAS (American Port Organization)

David Salt 

Capt. D. C. Sekhar

Capt. Sekhar, heading AlphaMERS is an experienced captain of large seagoing tankers and is a trained and experienced internal auditor of ISM, ISPS, EMS, QMS and PMS. He is a trained and experienced incident investigator. He has completed finance management at Singapore and executive general management at the renowned Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He is a passionate writer on marine technical issues in trade magazines and a speaker at many trade seminars. He heads AlphaMERS and also the sister company from same promoters, engaged in techno commercial feasibility studies of coastal and inland water projects.

Paul Slater

Keith Solomon

Arkadiusz Talaska

John Wardrop

Kevin Wang

Kevin Waterman 

Wu Yue 


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