Following on requests the layout of the front page of the ISCO Newsletter has been changed to give more prominence and recognition  to  the members of  our  Executive  Committee and  Council.    These  are people who  have  accepted  positions  of responsibility in the organization and, as such, should be more widely recognised for their contributions to the success and continuing development of ISCO.


For those who may not know how ISCO is managed, an elected Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for managing the organization. Members of the EC are elected by all of the members of ISCO at the annual AGM to serve for a three year term. If willing to continue to serve as EC members they are eligible to have their term of office extended if so approved at the AGM, at which all members are entitled to vote either in person or by proxy.  The EC can include up to 12 members and every member of ISCO has the right to nominate a candidate for membership of the EC. Nominations received are considered by an elected Nominating Committee and subject to approval are put forward as candidates for election at the next AGM.


The ISCO Council is a non-executive body that is consulted by the EC on important policy matters and helps to steer the direction of the organization by considering new initiatives and advising on important decision-making issues. In effect each Council Member is the national representative of the membership in his/her country and has defined responsibilities, helping grow membership of ISCO, bringing together individual professionals, companies and other entities involved in spill control in their countries, as a means of raising levels of knowledge and competence, facilitating sector recognition and creating a channel of communication with governments and other in-country organizations.


Members in any country can put their own names forward or nominate another candidate for membership of Council.  All in-country members of ISCO will then be consulted and, subject to their approval, the nomination will be put forward for endorsement by members at the next AGM. An in-country election will held if there is more than one candidate.


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