18th June 2021

Letter to Corporate Members and Industry Partners

Dear Members,

We are pleased to be able to report good progress on the creation of the new directory of supplies and services.

Please click on

·       To continue with work on your free entry we do need your feedback, so please complete the form and send it in.

·       If we have not included a tick box for a product or service you provide, please tell us and we can add it to your entry.

·       You are invited to provide a short paragraph to introduce your company to potential customers. See Section 6.

·       In an exciting new development, the new directory will have a search facility. Users will be able to simply enter what they are looking for and, if it’s something you provide, they will see your entry with all your info.

·       We will be promoting the new directory, giving it much higher visibility to your clients – on our website, at exhibitions, in our weekly newsletter and in other publications.

·       Need help? Have a question or want to comment? Drop a line to [email protected]

With my best regards,

Neil Marson, Secretary

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