Our next ZOOM meeting will be on September 30th at 3 pm EDT Detroit, MI, USA  (8 pm BST or the equivalent in your own time zone)

The link for joining the meeting is   Meeting ID: 522 055 0000

The meeting will last for approximately one hour and the agenda will include

  • Facebook company page
  • LinkedIn
  • Directory
  • Clean Gulf to be held November November 16-18th in San Antonio, Texas.  In person conference.  (We need people to man booth).
  • Issues raised by ISCO Member Dr Felicia Mogo – 1)The consideration for more practical actions the issues of chronic oil spill,

2)For consideration and and the need for the invitation of more proactive action the the stoppage of oil spill through sabotage by efforts to speak to the triggers. This may be handled the same way insecurity and piracy are being handled.

3) working hand in hand with the IOPC fund secretariat to ensure the popularization of procedure of claims management to ensure that victims are being adequately compensated together with the environment.

… but you can raise any other matters you wish to discuss

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