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ISCO Bye-Laws, Guidelines and Reference Information

Schedule A:  ISCO Bye-Laws, Policies and Procedures (link) Schedule B:  ISCO Terms and Conditions (link) Schedule C:  ISCO Code of Conduct (link) Schedule D:  ISCO Inclusiveness and Equal Opportunities Policy (link) Schedule E:  ISCO Disputes Resolution Protocol (link) Schedule F:  List of Current ISCO Office Holders and Responsibilities (link) Schedule G:  Current ISCO Membership, Classes, …

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Response Contract

THE INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED BIMCO-ISCO RESPONSECON CONTRACTS FOR SPILL RESPONSE ARE FREE FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD The universal availability of, RESPONSECON represents a major advance in ensuring rapid and effective response to oil spills at sea and on land. The need for extended negotiations is eliminated. Thus, the time required for mobilization of response resources to …

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