CHEMICAL INCIDENTS: Free Webinar – Meet the world’s first fully integrated global emergency response services – 29th June 2022

Free webinar: Meet the world’s first fully integrated global emergency response service


Join NCEC and OURAY as we introduce this groundbreaking new approach to global chemical response, and understand how it will make your organisation more resilient.

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We collectively face some of the greatest economic and environmental challenges of our time.

It is important that leading global chemical producers, shippers, and transporters can continue to shape tomorrow through innovation, digitalisation and entrepreneurship and that they can do so reliably and safely.

So you can remain focused on what matters, OURAY’s industry-leading, fully integrated, global emergency response solution will advance your health and safety operations, protect your employees, the communities you operate in, and those that move, handle and use your products.

To find out how the OURAY Integrated Response Solution meets current and future needs of society, join us on 29 June.

Who should attend:

  • Leaders and Executive members of future focused organisations that manufacture, ship or transport chemicals.
  • Those with a vested interest in the safety of employees, local communities and the people that depend on their operations.
  • Those who understand the risk that an incident involving their products poses to people and the environment and intend to do everything possible to mitigate this.


  • Craig Thomson – Client Director, NCEC
  • Aaron Montgomery – President & CEO, OURAY

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