Regional Workshop on enhancing Oil Spill Preparedness and Response in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Regions

The Mediterranean Oil industry Group (MOIG), the Adriatic Training and Research Centre for Accidental Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response (ATRAC) and JANAF are very pleased to announce that the Regional Workshop on Enhancing Oil Spill Preparedness and Response in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Regions; will be held from 25 to 27 October 2022; at the Ambasador Hotel in Opatija-Croatia.

The main objectives of this workshop will be to reinforce and develop Sub-Regional contingency plans, to stay abreast of the newest technologies, to benefit from responders & manufactures technical expertise as well as to share information on lessons learned and best practices of the previous exercises.

This event will host representatives from relevant stakeholders in Croatia , oil and gas Industry, responders, manufacturers, National and International organizations, academics, experts, consultants and HSSE Engineers and will be a good opportunity to exchange ideas, to improve knowledge and skills on oil spill preparedness and response as well as to network and develop new contacts.

The first two days event will hear papers delivered by speakers along the following topics: T1-Contingency planning & Regulatory and legal requirements, T2-Regional initiatives and activities in the Adriatic and Mediterranean regions,T3-Oil spill modeling and training,T4-Spill preparedness capability and response management, T5-Oil spill response services and new technologies, T6-National and regional emergency response Exercises. The workshop working language will be English

The last day event will be dedicated to a visit to JANAF terminal located on the Island of Krk and will be a good opportunity for attendees to see a demo of oil spill response equipment at the terminal; with an overview of the air dam (boom) which is unique on the global level. The workshop agenda will be provided in due time.

In order to enable MOIG, ATRAC and JANAF to have all logistic arrangements made on time, it would be appreciated; if you could click the following link to download the Registration Form; complete and return it by Mails at: [email protected]  and [email protected]  at your earliest convenience; preferably before 23 September 2022.

We would like to bring members and technical partners attention that the sanitary pass COVID-19 is compulsory for any participant who wishes to attend the workshop. Whilst looking forward to meeting you in this workshop, please do not hesitate to contact for any further information. We rely on members and technical partners active participation to make this event a memorable success.

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