WEBINAR – From IOPC Funds – “Successful Recovery of Costs associated with Oil Spill Clean-up”, 12 June 2024

The seventh session of the IOPC Funds’ webinar series “Claims for compensation – Successful Recovery of Costs for Clean-up and Property Damage”. This webinar, which takes place on 12 June 2024, will focus on the claim process for recovering costs associated with clean up and property damage following an oil pollution incident. It will also highlight best practices for submitting claims effectively, emphasising the importance of thorough documentation, timely reporting, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders to facilitate successful cost recovery.

The webinar series, which is being delivered initially in English only, is open to any interested party, and participants can opt to attend either the full series or only those webinars of particular interest to them. Divided into four modules, the full programme, available here, consists of a total of 11 webinars covering everything from the basic understanding of the Conventions, to the financing of the system, the types of claims that arise from tanker incidents, and the claims submission process.

Each webinar will consist of a short 15‐minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

To accommodate participants from different time zones, each session will be conducted at two separate times – 10:00AM UK time and 4:00PM UK time.