WEBINAR – From OSRL – “Immediate Response Activities for Oil Spill Incidents” 13th June, 9am CST/2pm BST

OSRL Webinar Series 2024 – “Immediate Response Activities for Oil Spill Incidents” 🌍


Oil spills are unpredictable and demand swift action. Are you prepared?


Join us for the first episode of our comprehensive preparedness webinar series. Learn how to effectively manage the initial response to oil spill incidents and minimize environmental impact.


This session will be hosted by Tristan Barston (Principal Preparedness Solutions Advisor) and Bill Humpheyrs (Senior Response Specialist), who will share key insights and learnings from OSRL’s operations, particularly in the Americas region.


🚨  Webinar 1: “Incident Occurs, Initial Assessment, and Raising the Alarm”


– Understand scenarios that trigger oil spills

– Conduct quick and accurate initial assessments

– Master the steps for notifying emergency contacts and regulatory agencies

– Mobilize response resources efficiently