WEBINAR – “Incident Response in Canadian Waters”, 23rd May 1500 UTC

Webinar Invitation: Incident Command in Canadian Waters

Incident Command is the foundation of emergency response – no matter the crisis. Following the evolution and success of the United States’ Incident Command System (ICS), American principles of multi-agency response and unified command are now influencing how emergency management is carried out around the world.

In this webinar, we will use Canada as a case study to explore how incident response for the maritime industry is evolving internationally. Specifically, we will hear from practical experts on how recent incidents have contributed to ICS procedures in Canadian waters and what this means for shipping companies and maritime operators around the world.

Date & Time: 23 May at 15:00 UTC

The webinar will feature a panel discussion with Witt O’Brien’s Jim Morris, Memorial University’s John MacDonald, and Western Canada Marine Response Corporation’s Michael Lowry. Navigate Response’s Kyle Fawkes will moderate the session. During this 60 minute fireside chat, our panel will be discussing key questions like:

  • What is ICS?
  • What are the benefits of using ICS?
  • How does ICS in Canada differ from the US?
  • How is ICS used in cross-border application?
  • How does ICS make communication easier in a crisis?
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More about our three panellists:

(1)   Jim Morris – Witt O’Brien’s

Jim is Witt O’Brien’s Acting Regional Manager of Response for the Pacific Northwest. Prior to joining Witt O’Brien’s, Jim was a Commander in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – sailing aboard oceanographic research vessels and working on the agency’s hazardous materials response team alongside the US Coast Guard, the Environmental Protection Agency and coastal states.

(2)   John MacDonald – Memorial University

John is a PhD Candidate at the Marine Institute of Memorial University as well as a Senior Analyst for the Office of Incident Management with the Canadian Coast Guard. As a researcher, he investigates how to effectively train first responders for situation awareness and emergency decision-making. John comes from a professional firefighting background and was formerly an Instructor and a Disaster Response Team Leader for the Canadian Red Cross.

(3)   Michael Lowry – Western Canada Marine Response Corporation

Michael is the Senior Communications Manager for Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC). He is a strategic communications and public relations expert with more than 15 years’ experience in domestic and international settings. He has designed and developed successful communication campaigns for some of western Canada’s most influential industrial organizations, including Harbour Air and Columbia Power.

Date & Time: 23 May at 15:00 UTC

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