Marko Dordevic

Work experience: 2.5 years as Marine Environmental  Protection Associate at Adriatic Training and Research Centre

Education: Master of Science in Nautical and Maritime Technology and Ph.D. student in the study of Marine and Coastal Protection

Marko is looking for a company to challenge him and grow his skillset in oil spill response, environment, and new technology. 

So far, he has published two scientific research papers entitled: “Oil Pollution of the Mediterranean as a Result of Maritime Accidents”; in the International Journal of Maritime Science & Technology “Our Sea.” Another scientific research paper is entitled: “The Presence and Danger of Microplastic in the Oceans”; in the multidisciplinary scientific journal “Maritime.”My expertise is the risk assessment of sea pollution with oils. He also participate in drafting or supplementing National Marine Pollution Plans. He participate in the development of manuals education related to the pollution of rivers and lakes. 

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