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The European Maritime Safety Agency is a dynamic and exciting place to work. We look for outstanding candidates from many different kinds of backgrounds – maritime experts, of course, but also administrators, legal experts, and IT professionals. Working here is rewarding; if you join us, you’ll make a real contribution to building a stronger, safer, more sustainable maritime sector in Europe. You’ll be based in our headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, and you’ll be working alongside a talented team of dedicated professionals recruited from all across the EU.


The traineeship programme at EMSA is addressed mainly to recent university graduates.

The traineeship programme aims to provide trainees with work experience in the field of maritime safety legislation, response to pollution at sea and cooperation among member states in safety at sea matters. In-service training enables trainees to acquire practical experience by means of their work and put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their academic studies or professional careers in the areas of maritime safety, communication or administration.

Traineeship notices are published twice a year. Candidates are invited to regularly consult our website and apply following the instructions of each call. Traineeships periods last at least 3 months and at most 6 months. The dates of commencement are normally 1st of March and 1st of September. The amount of the grant to be paid by EMSA to the trainees will be published with each call.

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