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Theodore Topolski


USA +1 (713) 837-6837 +41-78-602-8110 Switzerland

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(713) 837-6837


Butte, Montana -USA Vaduz, Lichtenstein Europe

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  • Contingency planning
  • Environmental impact assessment

Clean up on abandoned mines resource and metals recovery, to government standards.

Mill site material from crushers, ball mills, flotation tanks for metal removal , spirals for clean up of soils, water cleanup of heavy metals from mercury to cadmimum. portable equipment designs for chlorinated hydrocarbon removals from soil and mineral oils

Historical director of the spill control association. and many governmental awards and permits in the environmental field. extensive project experience in source of underground chemical spills, and their mitigation and cleanup, which included projects from the us coast guard," Jane Missouri' to Philippine power and light , manila. Singapore, new Zealand besides USA.

  • Hazardous chemical response training
  • Application of net environmental benefit analysis