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MEKE was founded by Mehmet Kemerli, a maritime and environmental lover and entrepreneur who wanted to set up his own business after leaving Shell Oil Company, as a private company in 1977 in Ayvansaray, Istanbul's shipyard region at that time. Provided MARPOL service under the brand Gemi Sintine Servisi (Ship Bilge Service) for the first time in Turkey, the company directed its efforts towards emergency response in oil accidents with its intervention to petroleum-derived waste spilled from an exploded bilge hose, and has become the first private company in the sector.

MEKE takes its name from one of the first affected seabirds in oil accidents. A black Euroasian Coot symbolizes a cleaned sea in the middle of oil spill with its white stain at its forehead. The company has a leading position at the Marine Environment Protection and Cleaning sector and carries out its services with the goal of "Leaving Our Children Clean Seas".

The company which has improved its services and created different brands in these years, was gathered under one roof, MEKE Marine Teknoloji A.Ş. (Marine Technologies Inc.). Providing services in the fields of response and cleaning of oil pollution at sea and on land, equipment manufacturing and related trainings, MEKE was established to ensure its integrated management system to be a living, effective and sustainable system for making said services and activities sensitive to the environment which keep human health as priority and structured in way to create quality and customer satisfaction.