Oil Spill Response Limited

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Emma Smillie


+44 (0)23 8033 1551

24/7 Emergency telephone hotline :

+442380331551, +65 6266 1566, +1 954 983 9880


United Kingdom

Geograpical Service coverage:

Global except US waters

Description and Keywords:

Contingency planning

Response management

Capability Reviews and Exercises

Oil Spill Modelling

Crisis Management

Long and short oil spill specialists secondments

Hire availability

Spill containment / diversion booms (offshore)

Spill containment booms (inland)

Shoreline protection barriers

Oil spill dispersant

Oil spill dispersant spraying equipment

Portable recovered oil containment tanks

Floating oil tanks/dracone barges

Capability rating - Tier 1 spill response

Capability rating - Tier 2 spill response

Capability rating - Tier 3 spill response

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 1

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 2

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 3

Offshore oil spill response

Onshore oil spill response

Pipeline spill response

Air / satellite / drone observation

Oil spill dispersant application - from vessels

Oil spill dispersant application - aerial

Oil spill dispersant application - subsea

In-situ burning

Shoreline clean-up assessment technique

Oiled wildlife rescue

Response management support

Supervision of volunteers

Bespoke courses at client’s premises

Oiled wildlife response training

Aerial observation training

In-situ burning training

Shoreline clean-up training

Application of net environmental benefit analysis

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry-funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur, by providing preparedness, response and intervention services. We are wholly owned by most of the environmentally responsible oil and gas companies, and our membership represents the majority of global oil production. We currently employ 275 people across 12 locations around the world. Our shareholders comprise of the most environmentally responsible oil and gas companies