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Neil Papenfus


+675 3211 206 ext.278/143/289

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+675 3211 206 ext.278/143/289


Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Oceania, Sth East Asia

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Hire availability

Spill containment / diversion booms (offshore)

Skimmers and ancillary equipment

Pumps (oil/water transfer and hoses)

Pumps (high capacity cargo transfer systems)

Sorbent boom and other materials

Floating oil tanks/dracone barges

Responder PPE and other safety equipment

Other (Please clarify below)


Capability rating - Tier 1 spill response

Capability rating - Tier 2 spill response

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 1

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 2

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 3

Offshore oil spill response

Onshore oil spill response

Cargo transfer operations

Sorbent boom and other materials

Bunker removal from wrecks

Response management support

Supervision of volunteers

Marine coordination

Pacific Towing is PNG's (as well as Melanesia's) marine services and salvage market leader and we also service the broader region. We have been operating for nearly 50 years and are a full member of the ISU and ISCO. Pacific Towing services upstream and downstream O&G clients as well as numerous other sectors. We own a fleet of 21 vessels and have our own commercial dive team (Australian trained and certified). Pacific Towing has a 200+ workforce (97 percent nationalised) and partners with the Australian Government on its female cadetship training programs. With operations throughout PNG’s main ports as well as in Solomon Islands, we are headquartered in Port Moresby at our dedicated tug base and HACCP certified camp.  Pacific Towing is ISO certified (9001, 14001, 45001).