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RESTCo is a federally incorporated, privately held, Canadian business. It was established in 2010 by a number of like-minded individuals to work together with remote (off-grid) communities, notably in the Canadian Arctic and Boreal regions, to reduce the vulnerability of their energy systems.

RESTCo operates as a collaborative, bringing together the expertise of our principals and a network of experts. Between our principals we boast over 170 years of experience in the fields of:

  • energy systems, engineering, efficiency, resilience, conservation, monitoring, demand management, sustainable sources, etc.
  • transportation (primarily ground and water), including alternate fuels
  • housing, including design, construction, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, efficient design
  • research and development, patent development, product development, manufacturing
  • system automation, analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance
  • writing, curriculum design, course development and teaching
  • business management, project management
  • economics, health care policy, social sciences 

    However, this breadth and depth of expertise and experience means we have also developed a strong network of others with their own areas of expertise, and we do not hesitate to bring them in when appropriate.

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