Over the last three years ISCO has been contributing to the working group on the IMO International Offers of Assistance Guidelines project and it seems likely that the new Guidelines will be formally adopted at the next MEPC meeting in May.

In the meantime, prompted by the Sunderbans spill in Bangladesh ISCO revitalised its Emergency Assistance facility, building on past experience in emergency resource finding during Macondo and other major events. See http://spillcontrol.org/emergency-assistance

At a meeting of the IOA Working Group convened at the end of the Interspill conference your Secretary took the opportunity to outline the ISCO initiative. It can help not only governments and responsible parties but also the big players like OSRL, MSRC and others – they have quite large resources of people and equipment but in reality quite small when compared with the overall level of resources available from the very large number of large and small response companies, manufacturers and independent experts.

When activated, even the largest players need support either locally or from international sources or both. One thing about the ISCO initiative is that it gives our members better opportunities to get involved and that must be a plus factor for being a member of ISCO.

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