Benefits of Membership

Being part of a worldwide community of professionals who share a common interest.

Receipt of requests for emergency provision of resources for spill response assistance.

Free access to RESPONSECON contracts that you can use – speeding up contractual arrangements for mobilisation of spill resonse resources, with positive implications for protecting your cash flow.

Keeping up-to-date on events, developing technologies, new legislation and other matters of mutual interest.

Identifying opportunities for providing new products and services needed to meet new challenges.

Practical help in building incident response capacity and competence enhancement.

Negotiated membership discounts on attending conferences, workshops, and training courses.

ISCO provides a link between National and International Government agencies, Industry, the Scientific Community, Research and Development and Spill Responders to the issues of today and the trends leading to the future.

ISCO publishes a weekly Newsletter which compiles for you a comprehensive look at current news in the environment. This will save readers many hours a week of scanning, browsing and searching for all the news that matters and puts it in your inbox every week.

ISCO facilitates the collective voice of our members concerns addressing regulation and best practices in our industry. ISCO members are a dynamic network of resources to each other and a link to the environmental needs of the world.

Through ISCO, having a voice in the drafting of new legislation that will affect our area of interest.

Opportunity to participate in ISCO work groups developing new projects, ideas and guidelines.

Networking with other members, sharing experiences, discussing problems and helping find good solutions.

Ensure that you are listed in ISCO’s International Directory of Supplies and Services. All member entries automatically link directory users to members own websites.

Identify opportunities to develop alliances and technical partnerships with other members as a means of fast-tracking response capacity building.

The right to display the ISCO logo on your headed notepaper, brochures, etc to denote that you are part of an international organisation dedicated to improving worldwide co-operation and preparedness.

Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter subscription

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