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Kehinde David Adjaye CV Doc

Contact: +234 8124672045, +2347068830505


Address: 17, Otemiewo str. off Agadaga Ave, off Hospital Rd Ekpan.

Nigeria: Oil & Gas

Current: EHS Lead – OML/34 NPDC/ND Western joint asset management team

Previous: HSE Manager – Lee Engineering Coy Ltd

Former: Head Oil spill emergency response – Shell petroleum dev. coy. west Warri.

Education: Pan Jab University, India & Ambrose Ali University, Nigeria.

Background Summary

An excellent team player and highly experience professional driving EHS appreciation and implementation in the Oil/Gas industry, with strong organizational skills, solid supervisory acumen and visible performance record. Vast performance experience in chemical & oil spill management Compliance. Multinational footprint with rich geographical and cultural exposure (7+ countries in Europe, Asia and Africa) as student. Authentic leader driving high delivery and growth of self and other transforming environments.


Corporate EHS manager:

Lee Engineering & Construction Co. (STA) short time assignment:

November 2013 – July 31, 2015 Warri – Nigeria

Lee Engineering corporate manager on EHS matters Introduced EHS training plan and follow up implementation

Established management facilities inspections and audit of project sites

Instituted EHS management review meetings

Created incident and accident review panel with responsible departmental heads

Instituted and ensured departmental EHS meetings weekly

Opened communication line with third parties on EHS issues e.g. Government regulatory bodies, (DPR) institute        of safety professionals of Nigeria; Nigeria environment protection society; firefighting bodies etc.

Drive performance tracking of EHS staff and contractors on project sites.

Stand-in as company after work EHS duty manager and emergency response commander.

Spear headed and achieved quality management systems i.e., ISO 9001:2008 certifications for LEE Engineering and Construction Company.

Developed and achieved EHS awareness training for managers, dept. EHS focal points and shop floor staff in Lee


Negotiated and achieved external EHS training window with British safety council and United State National Safety


Developed and achieved proper waste management systems by; segregation, reuse, recycle, storage and disposal in Lee Engineering Company.

Senior EHS Adviser

Shell – Nigeria Warri

Oct. 01 /2006/ – Nov. 2013

Drive EHS supervision of asset engineering projects western division.

Lead EHS in surface engineering projects i.e., reviewing contractor EHS plan/policy, ensuring that national labour laws, company standard construction specification, guidelines, procedures and regulations governing contract execution is not only observed but implemented on project site.

EHS supervision of OML 30 & 34 flow station revamps; preparatory for sale/hand-over to NPDC.

Successfully supervised EHS aspects of shut down maintenance works, of over 25 flow stations for

maintenance and revamp, land and swamp locations SPDC west.

Ensure effective achievement of EHS standards in projects through the instrument of the EHS plan as agreed by all parties in all SPDC project sites west.

Shell Petro. Dev. Company (SPDC) Nigeria Production Services West, Head; Oil/Chem. Spill Emergency


Nov 1999 –Dec 2004

Deploy and mobilize oil spill response supervisors, materials and equipment to polluted sites; land / swamp in conjunction with production team to stop leak, boom, recover, clean up and remediate minor and major spill impacted sites.

Established and achieved in house maintenance of spill recovery pumps / equipment and terminated

external contracting maintenance contract to save and reduce cost by 100% in oil spill clean- up  business for SPDC / West

Successfully cleaned and achieved over 5,000:00 barrels of spilled crude oil from various impacted SPDC

operational locations on land and swamp

Established oil spill forward response base teams on land/swamp operational logistic areas – West

Shell Petro. Dev. Company (SPDC) Nigeria

ENV W/3 Environmental AwarenessTrainer

Apr 1994 –Nov 1999

Train SPDC staff and contractor personnel on waste management (reduction, reuse, recycle, storage &


Train staff and contractor personnel on how to carry out environmental audit/inspections

Train Contractor staff personnel on environmental subjects like, what is the environment, how do we protect the environment, what makes up the environment, what are the agents that pollute the environment etc.

Shell Petro. Dev. Company (SPDC) Nigeria

ENGW/3 EHS Coordinator

Jan 1993 -Mar 1994

EHS lead/coordinator Trans – Ramos River Pipeline Crossing (major 26” Pipeline project), Ensuring

implementation of EHS policy in project.

Shell Petro. Dev. Company (SPDC) Nigeria

Warri – Nigeria

Safety facilitator (MTCW/32

Aug. 1989 – Dec.1992

Drive/Lead Safety awareness campaign/training.

General safety supervision.

Training on UA & UC and driver education programmer

Drive accident investigation, soft & hardware auditing.

Drive hemp, JHA & safety campaigns for SPDC & its minor /medium contractors.


Conceived and successfully executed ISO 9001:2008 certification for LEE Engineering and Construction Company.

Drive asset Engineering West HSE Supervision. SPDC UIG/T/PAWL Managing HSE in Asset Engineering projects at Forcados export Terminal & Crude Oil loading platform (CLP) offshore / Land areas. (2006).

Instituted EHS Management training, for SPDC local Engineering Contractors – 2005.

Trans – Ramos major river Pipeline Crossing: EHS Coordinator (ENGW/3). Using EHS plan to supervise major 24″ pipeline construction project involving 700 to 1000 workers (Jan 1993 to April 1994).

Initiated, constructed and equipped the chemical/oil spill response base SPDC west; Moved oil spill response to logistic bases and field flow stations operated by Shell petroleum dev. Co. in Nigeria; Niger delta.

Negotiated and obtained trained oil spill supervisors to man same facilities.

Led the overhaul of the oil spill response base at Forcados export terminal.

Led deployment of supervisors, materials and equipment to polluted sites in conjunction with production teams to stop leak, boom, recover, clean up and remediate minor and major spill impacted sites.

Lead/Drive Environmental Awareness Training

Training of Shell staff, contractor personnel and community high school students in Shell operational areas on; Environmental subjects like, what is environment, how do we protect the environment, what makes up the environment, what are the agents that pollute the environment etc.

Lead/Drive Safety Awareness Campaign:

Safety facilitator (MTCW DEPT.) – Shell Pet Dev. Coy.) Train SPDC Staff and contractor’s personnel on Safety, Accident Investigation, Permit to Work, Safe Driving, Rig Operations Safety, Soft & Hardware audit of contractors, training staff & contractors on job-hazard analysis (JHA) and hazard & effect- management process (HEMP) (1989 – 1992).

Driver education program trainer – SPDC

Accident Investigation trainer – SPDC


Pan Jab University B.A. Psychology / Public Administration Chandigarh India (1982)

I C. S. BOMBAY Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Industrial Psychology and Accident Prevention) INDIA (1984)

Ambrose Ali University Nigeria, M.Sc. Petroleum Economics (2007)

Professional/Business courses attended

QA/QC management course – OML/34 AMT sponsored – November 2019 Dubai

internal lead auditors’ course (April 2015 –

ISO 9001: 2008, quality management course) Lee engineering

Senior Managers EHS appreciation training forum (Sept. 2014)

Attended Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON) conference on professional development (23rd – 25th Oct. 2014)

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) – 15th Dec 2011-SPDC

Safe Handling of Chemicals (SHOC) training for Supervisors. (22nd Nov. 2011.)-SPDC

Excavation and underground works course (Shell organized) for Senior Supervisors and coordinators. – (24th-26th Oct. 2011) SPDC

Electrical safety (Shell organized) for senior supervisors and coordinators (27th-29th Oct. 2011) SPDC

Health & Safety @ Workplace for senior supervisors organized by (American Centre for International Labor Solidarity) – 18th June 2010-SPDC

Helicopter Under-Water Escape Training (13-15/ 09/ 2007)-SPDC

Breathing apparatus and Gas testing course – (22nd Jan. 2007)-SPDC

P283 – HSE course for senior supervisors (14th May 2005)-SPDC

Strategic cost leadership course for senior supervisors (1st-18th May 2004) Cost reduction-SPDC.

Oil spill management clearance course for senior supervisors, Southampton-England July 2004-SPDC

Conference / seminar on behavioral safety (NISP) 9th-11th Nov. 2004-SPDC

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training 1st – 3rd Aug. 2003-SPDC

Fundamentals of Safety Training 10th April 2002

Hearts and Minds behavioral Safety Training workshop 10th April 2002-SPDC

Oil / Chemical spill response training (7th Mar. 2002)-SPDC

Scaffolding Procedure and Inspection in construction (8th –9th Aug. 2001)-SPDC

Basic Fire Fighting course (13th Feb. 2000)-SPDC

Vikoma Oil Spill Equipment Deployment Training (2nd June- 29th Sept. 2000)-SPDC

Enhanced Contract Management – (module 1) for senior company site representative (12th -15th Dec. 2000)-SPDC

Industrial first Aid Training (9th–13th Sept. 1996)-SPDC

Management development course in Leadership and Motivation for senior supervisors June 14th, 1982-SPDC

Additional info

Professional: Sustainable development

Cleaner environ, energy and technology,

Personnel development: travelling, reading,

December 2015 recovered and cleaned up 1000 barrels of crude oil leak from NPDC 10’’ export pipe

line, Niger Delta area.


Contractor EHS management training manual (MTCW/32 SPDC Production/Maintenance Department.) Environmental awareness training manual (ENVW/3, SPDC Environmental Department.)

Ken also knows about;

 Corporate Social Responsibility management

 Labor relations (Principal Labor Officer) Federal Min. of Labor, Sokoto – NYSC

 Community development and relations

 Helping the poor and needy

 I am also interested in voluntary service

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