Appeals Policy


1. The Rules governing Professional Membership state “Professional Members shall have the right to appeal a decision by the Professional Standards Committee”. 

2. Grounds for an appeal may include –

2.1 Decision to refuse award of Professional Membership
2.2 Decision to downgrade Professional Membership status
2.3 Decision to suspend Professional Membership
2.4 Decision to annul Professional Membership

3. In order for an appeal to be considered it must be received in writing by email or letter sent to the Secretary.

4. Unless special circumstances prevail, the Secretary shall acknowledge receipt of an appeal within 7 days of receipt.

5. Within the same time frame the Secretary is required to copy the appeal to members of the Executive Committee and the Professional Standards Committee.

6. The Professional Standards Committee shall consider the appeal and make its recommendations known to the Executive Committee within 14 days of being copied with the appeal.

7. Within 14 days of receiving the recommendations of the Professional Standards Committee, the Executive Committee shall review the appeal and give instructions on action/s to be taken by the member of the Professional Standards Committee who is dealing with the case.

8. If further investigations are required and a final decision is likely to be delayed the person making the appeal shall be so advised in writing by the member of the Professional Standards Committee who is dealing with the case.

9.  In all cases the final decision on the appeal shall be made by the Executive Committee and, if required, the President shall exercise a casting vote.

10. Unless exceptional circumstances prevail, the person who made the appeal should receive a decision within six weeks of the date on which the appeal was received.

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