Corporate Member Company Profile

One page profile entry in the ISCO Newsletter – £200 

International Directory

Annual cost of an entry for non-members (free for ISCO members) -£500

Professional Membership for Students

Annual Subscription Free for duration of training / apprenticeship upon recommendation of training organization or employer.

Associate Membership

Annual Subscription £95

Member (Grade of Professional Membership)

Annual Subscription £155 (Assessment Required)

Fellowship (Grade of Professional Membership)

Annual Subscription £180 (Assessment Required)

Professional Membership Assessment Fee

Membership/Fellowship Applicants £130

Individual Membership

Individual Member Annual Subscription £85

Industry Partner

Annual Subscription £200

Corporate 1

Corporations (1 – 9 employees) Annual Subscription £200

Corporate 10

Corporations (10 – 49 employees) Annual Subscription £400

Corporate 50

Corporations (50 – 99 employees) Annual Subscription £800

Corporate 100

Corporations (100 – 499 employees) Annual Subscription £1,600

Corporate 500

Corporations (over 500 employees) Annual Subscription – £2,000

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