The Norwegian Centre for Oil Spill Preparedness and Marine Environment has published a request for tender on behalf of Statlig samarbeidsforum for FoU oljevern.

A literature study of recovery numbers to assess the effectiveness of mechanical recovery of oil in the marine environment from historic oil spill events will be conducted.

The goal of this study is to obtain reliable figures for mechanical recovery based on documented experiences drawn from historic events. The tender documents have been published—erfaringer-med-effektivitet-av-mekanisk-opptak-ved-oljeutslipp-tender.aspx, and we would like to share this information with the international spill control community.

We aim to reach out to potential suppliers both nationally and internationally, and we consider the ISCO Newsletter as a relevant communication medium to help spread the word.

The Norwegian Costal Administration, the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Norwegian Center for Oil Spill Preparedness and Marine Environment are cooperating in Statlig samarbeidsforum for FoU oljevern.

The purpose of the forum is to promote more environmentally friendly and efficient national oil spill preparedness and response. By identifying and promoting knowledge gaps and research needs the forum shall foster coordinated and cost-effective research and development initiatives of high relevance to operational preparedness and response.

If you have any questions, please give me a call or send me an e-mail.    Ingvild Skeie Liland

This item was posted on 19th March 2021

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