Dear Member of ISCO,


There are two points that I omitted to mention in my earlier letter.


(1) As part of our commitment to IMO, ISCO has been asked to put forward names of qualified individuals who could be called upon to assist in IMO’s Integrated Technical Co-operation Programme. This has to do with the provision of technical support for governments in implementing international conventions such as, for example, OPRC and OPRC-HNS and can involve help with national contingency plan development, inputs to seminars and workshops, training (delivery of IMO model courses), etc. Other tasks can include spill investigation, technical support for governments during spill events and support for negotiation of regional co-operation arrangements between governments. Selected individuals may be employed by IMO as consultants undertaking short-term projects in various countries. Interested Members should send me a copy of their CVs / Qualifications and Experience Statements. Only the most suitable individuals will be short listed and asked to complete IMO Personal History forms. There are no guarantees that work will ensue but the list of qualified individuals will be used by IMO for selecting personnel to undertake project work. If engaged, a day rate is payable plus travel and subsistence allowance.


(2) The names of all ISCO Members (Corporate and Individual) are listed on the ISCO website within the part of the site that can only be accessed by Members. Listings of Members of the Executive Committee and Council are accompanied by short profiles.  A suggestion has been made that Members (Corporate and Individual) would appreciate being able to learn about each other – where they are based, what they do and other information of interest. If you would like to have a summary profile (around 100-150 words) about yourself or your company (if you are a Corporate Member) included under your listing, please send me suitable text for uploading.


Kind regards

John McMurtrie


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