One of ISCO’s primary objectives is to disseminate knowledge that will help members to develop their capabilities and knowledge in oil and HNS spill response, both inland and marine.
We do this by publishing technical articles – such as serialised contributions written by acknowledged experts including Dr Douglas Cormack, Hon. FISCO, Dr Merv Fingas (Member of ISCO Council for Canada) and Mr Mark Francis (ISCO Member and Independent Oil Spill Response Consultant). Feedback from readers indicates that these articles are well received. 
Another article, “Anatomy of An Oil Spill”, which gave a blow by blow account of the response to a heavy oil spill at a remote highland distillery in Scotland, was deemed so useful by ISCO Member, Brian O’Connor of the Canberra and Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group (CROIERG) that he reprinted it as a booklet for internal training purposes.
I feel sure that amongst our members there must be many who have useful experience they could pass on to others. I am particularly interested in receiving case histories in which challenging response situations have been encountered and problems have been resolved by innovative applications of knowledge and experience.
One of the problems faced by many response organisations is the loss of hard-won know-how as their most experienced people reach retirement age. Much of this knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime simply isn’t available in text books and needs to be passed on to a younger generation before being lost for ever.
As Editor, I would be delighted to receive and print contributions that describe how problems were overcome, the innovative answers that were developed and how they were implemented.  Submissions don’t have to be in perfect English – it’s not a problem to edit grammar and spelling.
If you would like to help in this effort, please write to John McMurtrie, Balbithan House, Kintore, Aberdeenshire UK AB51 0UQ or email [email protected]

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