Letter to members – 18th February 2017

Dear Members of the ISCO Council,

It has been too long since I last wrote to you all but in view of changes coming up I wanted to bring you up-to-speed on some things that I haven’t covered in the ISCO News column in the ISCO Newsletter.

First of all, I am looking to retire as ISCO Secretary effective May 2017 when I will reach the age of 80. The Executive Committee is currently looking at appointing my successor and an announcement will be made in due course. I won’t exactly be “jumping ship” but will be starting the process of an orderly hand-over.

I would very much like to thank you for your valued support over the years. Without your help my task would have been much harder.

One thing that I want to do is to ensure that my successor continues to have your support. As individuals you have contributed in a variety of different ways –

• Making recommendations to the Executive Committee on policy and other matters
• Giving practical support to ISCO initiatives that are of benefit to our community
• Acting as a point of contact between ISCO and national authorities
• Organising “in-country” meetings of members
• Helping to grow the organisation by recruiting new members
• Publicising the aims and work of ISCO at national conferences
• Providing member benefits such as discounts on training courses, conference fees, etc.
• Supporting ISCO representation at in-country exhibitions
• Representing the organisation at international conferences, IMO and other meetings.
• Supporting working groups (ISCO, IMO, and others) on projects for improving spill response
• Providing technical articles, case histories, etc. for publication in the ISCO Newsletter
• Providing interesting news reports for inclusion in the ISCO Newsletter

This said, there are a few of you that have not been in touch for a while and, before the next AGM, I would like to hear from you. In past years members of council have automatically continued in office unless a wish to resign is advised. If any of you do not want to continue as a member of council, please let me know. It will be a great help if you can also make a recommendation for a suitable person who would be interested in representing your country on the ISCO Council.

Note that individual members of council are not expected to give support in ALL of the ways listed above – many of you have helped the organization in only a few ways – and this is appreciated.

The next ISCO AGM will be held during the International Oil Spill Conference being held at Long Beach, California on 15-18 May 2017.  More details will be published soon in the ISCO Newsletter. If you can make it, I shall hope to see you.

Kind regards

John McMurtrie


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