100 Bioremediation for the recovery of oil polluted marine environment, opportunities and challenges approaching the Blue Growth

Tedesco P., Balzano S., Coppola D., Esposito F.P., de Pascale D., Denato R. (2024) Marine Pollution Bulletin, 200, art. no. 116157,  DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2024.116157

ABSTRACT: The Blue Growth strategy promises a sustainable use of marine resources for the benefit of the society. However, oil pollution in the marine environment is still a serious issue for human, animal, and environmental health; in addition, it deprives citizens of the potential economic and recreational advantages in the affected areas. Bioremediation, that is the use of bio-resources for the degradation of pollutants, is one of the focal themes on which the Blue Growth aims to. A repertoire of marine-derived bio-products, biomaterials, processes, and services useful for efficient, economic, low impact, treatments for the recovery of oil-polluted areas has been demonstrated in many years of research around the world. Nonetheless, although bioremediation technology is routinely applied in soil, this is not still standardized in the marine environment and the potential market is almost underexploited. This review provides a summary of opportunities for the exploiting and addition of value to research products already validated. Moreover, the review discusses challenges that limit bioremediation in marine environment and actions that can facilitate the conveying of valuable products/processes towards the market. 

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