Clean Sea SA

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Maximo Padilla



24/7 Emergency telephone hotline :

+54 9 11 36929797


Buenos Aires

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Description and Keywords:

  • Response management
  • Capability rating (Tier 1, 2, 3 spill response)
  • Accreditations held
  • Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 1, 2, 3.
  • Offshore oil spill response
  • Onshore oil spill response
  • Cargo transfer operations
  • Sorbent boom and other materials
  • Bunker removal from wrecks
  • Air / satellite / drone observation
  • Oil spill dispersant application (from vessels / aerial /subsea)
  • Shoreline clean-up assessment technique
  • Hazardous chemicals spill response
  • Response management support
  • Scheduled spill response training courses
  • Shoreline clean-up training

Clean Sea is a private owned company with 15+ years expertise in the Shipping field. We are a young, experienced and qualified Emergency Response Organization, delivering reliable services within all Argentinean waters.

With its main offices located in Buenos Aires and equipment pre-positioned along the main ports of the Parana River and Argentinian Sea, Clean Sea provides rapid response solutions to marine salvage and oil spill situations.

More than 30 own staff, state of the art portable equipment and a vast network of subcontractors we provide coverage to most important ports/terminals and a rapid response throughout all Argentinean Sea, Rio de la Plata and the Hidrovía Paraná-Paraguay.