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Lawrence Malizzi



24/7 Emergency telephone hotline :



5120 Northshore Dr, North Little Rock, AR 72118

Geograpical Service coverage:

US, EU, Australia

Description and Keywords:

  • Contingency planning
  • Response management
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Spill site remediation (advisory)

Air Monitoring
Buildings Health Science
Natural Resource Damage Assessment

  • Capability rating - Tier 1 spill response
  • Capability rating - Tier 2 spill response
  • Capability rating - Tier 3 spill response
  • Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 1
  • Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 2
  • Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 3
  • Offshore oil spill response
  • Onshore oil spill response
  • Pipeline spill response
  • Air / satellite / drone observation
  • Shoreline clean-up assessment technique
  • Oiled wildlife rescue
  • Hazardous chemicals spill response
  • Response management support
  • Supervision of volunteers
  • Other (Please clarify below)

Accreditations held


Aerial Observers
Dispersant Monitoring and Sampling
PFAS Remediation

  • Scheduled spill response training courses
  • Online courses and Webinars
  • Bespoke courses at client’s premises
  • Aerial observation training
  • Hazardous chemical response training
  • Shoreline clean-up training
  • Application of net environmental benefit analysis
  • Other (Please clarify below)

OSHA Hazwhopper and Refreshers
Planning Section Chief
Environmental Unit Leader

CTEH helps prepare you for any process or event that could or does expose your organization to risk. We are an international consulting organization assisting clients with superior response management, and ultimately helping you become more resilient. Our experienced staff of respected response management consultants with a focus on health, safety and environmental concerns can deliver the best solution for your organization - before, during, or after any potential liability. Allow us to work with your team to develop a robust response management program.

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