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Praveen Mittal



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Contingency planning


Hire availability

Spill containment / diversion booms (offshore)

Spill containment booms (inland)

Shoreline protection barriers

Skimmers and ancillary equipment

Pumps (oil/water transfer and hoses)

Pumps (high capacity cargo transfer systems)

Sorbent boom and other materials

Oil spill dispersant

Oil spill dispersant spraying equipment

Floating oil tanks/dracone barges

Hot/cold pressure washers

Vacuum recovery systems

Capability rating - Tier 1 spill response

Capability rating - Tier 2 spill response

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 1

Qualifications of response personnel – IMO Level 2

Offshore oil spill response

Onshore oil spill response

Pipeline spill response

Sorbent boom and other materials

Oil spill dispersant application - from vessels

Oil spill dispersant application - aerial

Oil spill dispersant application - subsea

Shoreline clean-up assessment technique

Accreditations held

The Nautical Institute 202 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7LQ, United Kingdom T: +44 20 7928 1351 and Validity is October 2022

Viraj has been accredited by the Nautical Institute, United Kingdom for conducting IMO level I & II course across the world. Nautical Institute is authorised the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to accredit capable training organisations in this field. Even before accreditation Viraj was accepted as the only training provider in India and abroad. So far more than 200 officers and men have been trained as On Scene Commanders (OSCs) and Responders. Our training faculty is fully qualified and has hands on experience on pollution response and operational sea service due to their previous association with the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard.

Viraj is a Government of India accredited strategy consultant in the field of oil spill risk assessment and oil spill contingency planning. The company has been making plan related to oil spill since 2001 for various installations. This includes the latest NEBA plan as directed by the Indian Coast Guard. So far our company has the credit of preparing plans and study reports for private and government organisations, both Onshore as well as Offshore installations including land base oil installations.

Viraj's committed team of oil spill response experts, which is largely consisting of ex-officer and sailors of the Indian Coast Guard / Navy, has extensive hands-on experience in the fields of environmental protection & preservation and firefighting. Their expertise has contributed greatly in making Viraj the only comprehensive Oil Spill Response specialist in both onshore and offshore fields in India

Viraj provides Off-shore oil spill response services as per customer’s requirement. A team of trained and qualified personnel from IMO level I& II works using OSR equipment such as boom, skimmer, floating tanks etc. Using boom for containing the spilled oil and deploying skimmer for removing the oil from the sea surface and pump it into a suitable temporary containers or floating tanks. b) Oil spill Response at Onshore: Viraj provides Onshore response trained teams to handle oil spill on land. Teams restrict the flow of oil with OSRE or what available at site. All personnel protective equipment is included to ensure safe operation. Teams work with you for giving solution to the problem and make a good relationship with the operators. c) OSRE O&M Services: Viraj provides Operation and Maintenance Service on customer’s Oil spill Response Equipment (OSRE) as per customer’s requirement. A team of experts carry out maintenance as per OEM guidelines and equipment’s maintenance schedule and deliver training to your personnel to ensure that they are competent to deploy OSR equipment in-case of any emergency. d) Equipment on Hiring: Viraj provides OSRE on hiring with or without trained manpower depending on customer’s needs. Viraj works with some of the additional equipment which is listed below as on today. This meets your requirement and for adhering government regulation with investing money and no need to have additional manpower to maintain these equipments. i) Foam filled boom 350 Mtrs. ii) Hydraulic power pack with suction pump (Spate 75 ‘C’) 01 No. iii) Wilden pump (M8) 01 No. iv) Wilden Pump (M-4) 02) Nos. v) Ty storage tanks (10 M3) capacity 04 Nos.

Over the last 23 years, Viraj has successfully transformed itself from an offshore oil spill response team to an environmental system solutions service provider. Viraj has gathered the required knowledge and expertise through a team of professionals and with continuous training emphasis, thus creating a ripple effect; passing on effective and robust systems, techniques and mechanisms to clients, so as to share mutually sustained growth for the greater good

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