Scientific Support & Coordination, LLC

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Email Address: [email protected]

Contact name: ED Levine

Phone Number: 206-849-9941

Emergency Phone Number: 206-849-9941

Country Location: New Jersey, USA

Geographical Area Covered: Global

Over 30 years experience planning, responding, and training oil spill response activities in the US and internationally.

Contingency planning

Response management

Environmental impact assessment

Spill site remediation (advisory)

Scientific Support

Environmental Unit

Wildlife Impacts


Oil spill dispersant application – from vessels

Oil spill dispersant application – aerial

Oil spill dispersant application – subsea

In-situ burning

Shoreline clean-up assessment technique

Oiled wildlife rescue

Response management support

Aerial observation training

Dispersant application technique

In-situ burning training

Hazardous chemical response training

Shoreline clean-up training

Application of net environmental benefit analysis