Corporate Members


Corporate Members


AES Response Operations LLC (USA)

Alpha Briggs (Mediterranean) Ltd.

AlphaMERS Pvt. Ltd. (INDIA)

Alpina Briggs Defesa Ambiental S/A

Ampol Management Services Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Antipollution International Environmental Protection Services Ltd.

Antipollution SA

Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc. (Canada)

ASCC Group (Netherlands)

Ayles Fernie International Ltd.

Bos Umberto & Co.

Braemar Howells Ltd.

Briggs Environmental Services Ltd.

Briggs Marine Environmental Services Ltd. (Azerbaijan)

Canadyne Technologies Inc.

Castalia Consorzio Stabile SPcA

For 30 years, Castalia has been at work in Italy and abroad in the field of maritime activities and safeguarding the marine environment: antipollution, remediation of waters, seabeds and coasts, recovery of toxic and harmful refuse from the seabed, submarine surveys and environmental monitoring, education and environmental awareness-raising, protection of the marine flora and fauna, and research and development in new technologies and antipollution

Chatoyer Environmental (Australia)

Chemtex Inc.

Chukar Waterjet Inc. (USA)

CI Agent Solutions

Clean Caribbean and Americas (CCA)

Clean Harbors

Casco Consulting Group

Crest Ecomaterials Ltd.

Crest Eco-materials Ltd. provides the world leading Feather absorbent products, which may revolutionize the Polypropylene absorbents in spill control industry. With 80% degradable natural feather material from the by-product of Down industry, the new Feather absorbents will significantly reduce the secondary pollution of using polypropylene one. Moreover, it has higher absorbency, better strength, competitive and steady price.
Crest Eco-materials is the inventor and the only manufactor of feather absorbent materials in the world. Our principle is Purifying the Natural Environment by Natural Materials.

Crucial Inc.

DESMI Ro-Clean A/S

DESMI Ro-Clean A/S is the original supplier of Oil Spill Response Equipment. As we have been in this specialized market for over 30 years and we know the needs as well as the requirement for durability and versatility. As a supplier of Proven Oil Spill Technology we always ensure that our equipment is state-of-the-art with regard to design and workmanship.

DESMI Ro-Clean A/S is specialized in Oil Spill Response Equipment for Mechanical Recovery of Spills on water. Our equipment range covers everything from small booms to specialized vessels. In between we have the Ro-Boom and DOP Pumps which are still the benchmarks for all other suppliers of our type of equipment. Even though Ro-Boom and DOP pumps have been produced for over 30 years they are always the best in each and every comparative test. We are also a World leading supplier when it comes to equipment for Onshore spills as well as equipment for Chemical Oil Spill Response. Besides the equipment supply our experienced staff with an average experience of more than 10 years allow us to guide our clients at a high, technical standard. As our equipment range is complete we are able to guide the clients in exactly the direction of their specific needs.

Being the supplier of Proven Oil Spill Technology is a job where we constantly have to prove the statement. Test us!! You will see that DESMI Ro-Clean never let a customer down. Designing and selling equipment which may be stored for more than 15 years without being in real use and then be able to operate immediately in case of an Oil Spill Incident is a great challenge for any supplier. DESMI Ro-Clean can do it! Visit our website

Eco Environmental Consultants

Eco Equipments Inc.

Eco Strategic Consultants

Edge Group

Elastec / American Marine

Environmental Protection Engineering SA

Environmental Services Europe

Enviropacific Services Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

Ere Response International Ltd. (UK)

Evolution Sorbent Products Corp.

Fast Engineering Ltd.

Fast Engineering Ltd. is a specialist company based that has been providing FASTANK® emergency temporary storage tanks to the oil spill industry and emergency services worldwide for the past 26 years.Started by its current Chairman – Seamus Connolly MBE the company has developed many innovative products for niche markets. More recently a Wildlife Rescue System for recuperation of contaminated birds after an oil spill incident. In the security market it has introduced the FASTANK Hazmat Decon System (HDS) for the decontamination of casualties after a terrorist “dirty bomb attack”.

From its manufacturing base in Antrim, Northern Ireland the company exports worldwide and has significant markets in Japan, North America, Europe, middle East and Russia. R&D is a big part of the company ethos. This facility has been utilised by global customers to provide unique on site solutions. Fast Engineering’s reputation for quality and customer service has been a mainstay in company development.The easy to navigate website shows the benefits and applications of the FASTANK® and FASTASLEEP® product range.

Foru-Solution BV

Gobbler Boats Ltd.

H. Henriksen AS

Hidroclean Servicos Maritimos S.A.

Hazmat Solutions LLC (UAE)

Hong Kong Spill Response Technology Ltd.

Ikaros Cleantech AB

Imbibitive Technologies America Inc.

International Environmental & Marine Services

Joint Marine Environ Guard Ltd.

Koseq BV

Lamor (UK)

Lamor Corporation Ab (Finland)

Dim. G. Lignos & Co.

Marine Pollution Control Corp.

Marine Response Alliance

Maritim Miljo-Beredskap AS

Markleen Ltd.

Meke Marine Environmental Protection Services Ltd.

Midlinx Consulting Inc.

National Response Corporation (NRC)

Neocos Consulting Ltd.

Norlense (Norway)

Nortek BV

Novet Forte Ltd.

Oceanstar Energy Services Ltd.

Odun Environmental Services Ltd.

Oil Control Systems NL

Oil Pollution Control South Africa

Oil Response Company of Australia Pty. Ltd.

Osprey Spill Control (USA)

Pelagic Solutions Ltd, Belize.

Pelagic Solutions Ltd. offers a range of spill response consultancy services including oil spill contingency planning and oil spill preparedness (table-top and live exercises). PSL in the process of acquiring the requisite vessels and equipment to become Belize's first and only spill response organization capable of providing Tier 1 spill response services.

PSL is headed by Major Lloyd Jones (Ret'd) a former Commanding Officer of the Belize Defence Force Maritime Wing and a former Ports Commissioner. Major Jones holds a MBA (Shipping & Logistics) from Middlesex University, London as well as a Diploma in Marine Surveying from Lloyd's Maritime Academy and a Diploma from the US Naval War College. He is a certified marine casualty and accident investigator, a Flag State inspector for the Republic of Panama and an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute. Major Jones has more than 20 years of maritime experience specifically relating to ports, international shipping, maritime law and marine environmental protection.

Polestar Maritime Ltd.

Power Plus Cleaning Solutions

PT Blue Ocean Sejahtera

PT Gurita Samudera (Indonesia)

Resolve Marine Group Inc. 

RS Aqua Ltd. (UK)

Rutter Inc. (Canada)

Rutter Inc., headquartered in St. John’s Newfoundland, has two lines of business. 

Rutter is a developer of advanced radar signal processing technologies, from which specialized radar systems have been created for marine safety, security and environmental monitoring applications.  Rutter is also a leading provider of electronics manufacturing services with demonstrated expertise in high reliability manufacturing of land vehicle and naval assemblies.

Rutter's radar systems include the sigma S6 and WaMoS II product lines. sigma S6 systems use advanced signal processing functionality to remove sea and weather clutter and other signal interference to substantially increase target detection and tracking capabilities as well as to provide high resolution radar imagery. It is ideally suited for demanding applications such as: • Iceberg & Sea ice detection/imaging, tracking, and management; • Surveillance and search & rescue; • Port & harbour security and antipiracy; and • Oil spill detection and management.

Rutter’s WaMoS II wave and current monitoring product uses X-band radar to provide information critical to operations at sea such as replenishments and helicopter landings.  WaMoS II provides real-time data about significant wave height, peak wave period, peak wave direction, surface current speed and direction information which assists in managing the risks inherent in maritime activities.

Rutter has over 20 years of experience as an electronics manufacturing services provider building high reliability electronic and electromechanical assemblies for the defence industry.

Scatman Ltd.

SCATMAN Ltd. offers electronic tools for collecting and visualizing data in SCAT and other surveys of environmental and natural issues. We apply normal touch screen smartphones or tablets for easy and reliable survey data collecting. Survey data from in-field teams is updated automatically and even in real-time to SCATMAN web service where the data is summarized and visualized on geographical maps. Necessary actions can be decided quickly based on this information. Data can also be transferred to other existing  systems including GIS applications. SCATMAN tools save valuable time and effort in you operations!

SCATMAN has a special support for reporting oil spill situations and planning of oil spill response using SCAT method. However, today the tools are customizable for various tasks including also industrial use in field service and asset management.

Sea Care Marine Services (India)

SEA Consulting Group (USA)

SeaHow Meritaito Ltd.

SeaHow was founded in 2010 by the Finnish state to take over most of the activities the Fininsh Maritime Administration previously  carried out at sea. Oil spill response is an important part of that and with ten vessels in 24/7 oil spill response preparedness we have the largest (in number of vessels) OSR vessel fleet in Finland. We started a development project 2 years ago with the aim of launching a new generation of products at the acvancing skimming segment. Products are based on new patented innovations by Mr. Lars Lundin and product  development has been led by Mr. Lauri Nordström, both gentlemen with over 30 years of experience in development of OSR equipment.

SEER Associates Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

SESMEKE Environmental Services

Shanghai Yina New Material Technology Co. Ltd.

SIE Econad Ltc. (Ukraine)

Sigma Environmental (UK)

Sintac-Polska Sp. z.o.o. (Poland)

Slickbar Products Corporation

Slickbar Indonesia

SL Ross Environmental Research

Spanopoulos Group of Companies (Greece)

Swire Emergency Response Services

Tactical Maritime Solutions

T & T Environmental Technologies

T & T Marine Salvage Inc.

Tulip Environmental Services

Tulip Environmental Services was found in 2002 by Ms. Şafak Özsoy for providing process based solutions on quality, environment, health and safety management systems as well as risk management and corporate emergency management both onshore and off shore environment
Tulip has been providing following services:

• Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy and training activities
• Integrated Management Systems ( ISO 9001-ISO 14001- OHSAS 18001)
• Sustainable Waste Management
• Occupational Health and Safety consultancy and training programs
• Emergency Management / Risk Assessment
• Oil Spill and Chemical Spills training Programs
• Oil Spill and Chemical Spills Contingency Planning
• Compliance audits for Marine, Environment and Health and Safety Regulations
• Supplier Chain and Management
• Fire management
• Strategic Planning
• Development of Management Skills Program
• Purchasing and Marketing Program

Tulip is an officially recognised company for preparation of Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plans, as well as preparing training programs and exercises in the scope of Oil spill and HNS, approved by The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forest and Undersecretariat For Maritime Affairs.

Tuzla Aritma Ltd.

Varichem de Colombia

Verde Remediation Services Ltd.

Vikoma International Ltd.

Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises (P) Ltd.

Founded in 1999, Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises is a provider of oil spill response, consultancy, training, equipment supply and other services to the Indian Government and most of the leading oil companies in India. The backbone of the organisation is its team of committed ex-officers and sailors of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard who posess a wealth of hands-on experience in the field of oil spill response. The company covers its operations in India through its offices in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jamnagar, Gujarat and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Delhi.

Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises advises that its Training Facility now holds Accredited Status awarded by the Nautical Institute which is the internationally recognised authority for assessment of marine oil spill response training. In addition, Viraj CSE has been accredited by the Consultancy Development Centre of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Science & Technology for providing Consultancy for Oil Spill Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning.

Wastepro Ltd.

Welseas Africa Co. Ltd.

Welseas Africa Company Ltd. is based in Ghana and operates a wide range of services for the marine industry. The company is planning to extend its operations by developing an oil spill response unit in Ghana and the West African Region as a whole. Welseas is currently looking to establish links with international spill response contractors, manufacturers of oil spill response equipment and material in Ghana to develop capacity-building in the oil fields across West Africa to combat oil spillage.