Several ISCO members will be speaking at the forthcoming 3rd Maritime Salvage & Casualty Conference taking place in London over 5-6 September, 2012.




ISCO members speaking at the event include John Noble, Conference Chairman and Individual Member of ISCO, Paul Pisani (Member of ISCO Executive Committee), Simon Rickaby (Member of ISCO Executive Committee), and Andrew Nash (from ISCO Corporate Member, Desmi Ro-Clean).

The Conference will provide an in-depth look into salvage, towage and casualty response. The event will focus on the most current developments in operational response to a salvage situation, considering some of 2012’s high-profile cases, and what impact these have had on the industry. Effective casualty response, as well as the latest legal and contractual issues will also be on the agenda. This year the meeting will include a discussion on the major incidents of 2012, reassessing operational approaches as well as looking at a new era of ‘social reporting.’


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