Classes of members


Membership Class


Award at the Discretion of ISCO Council




Only awarded at the Discretion of the ISCO Council to those persons who have had a very significant role in advancing the interests of the Spill Response Community. Entitled to use the letters Hon.FISCO after their names as recognition of achievement. Non Fee paying


Classes of Professional Membership for Individuals




Awarded to those individuals who are senior managers / persons with significant professional and /or academic attainment. Entitled to use the letters FISCO after their names to indicate achievement of professional recognition. Fee paying except where Membership Committee recommends award of an Honorary Fellowship.





Category of professional membership for experienced individuals who have met required qualification criteria, likely to be at an experienced supervisory level or above. Entitled to use the letters MISCO after their names to indicate achievement of professional recognition at this level. Fee paying.





Class of individual membership for experienced individuals have met required qualification criteria. Candidates are likely to be professionals involved in the spill response community as experienced operators, charge hands, etc., interested in following a career within the spill response community. Entitled to use the letters AMISCO after their names to indicate achievement of professional recognition at this level. Fee paying.





Class of membership for apprentices, students, trainees as first step in their career development process. Membership is free for duration of training or apprenticeship.


Class of Membership for Individuals who are not Professional Members





This class of membership is available to individuals who support the aims of ISCO and wish to receive the weekly ISCO Newsletter but do not wish to have or to seek Professional Membership. Fee paying.


Classes of Membership for Companies and Organisations with involvement in Spill Response





This class of membership is open to companies involved in the infrastructure of Spill Response – for example, Manufacturers of equipment and materials, Response Contractors, Consultancies, Training Providers, etc. Fee paying.









Class of membership available to international, regional and national organisations, universities and other academic institutions, governmental departments and agencies, research establishments and other entities including companies who have only a peripheral interest in spill control. Fee paying except where ISCO and the proposed Industry Partner both agree to formalising a relationship that is beneficial to both parties.


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