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In order to qualify for being featured in the NEW TECHNOLOGY section, the subject must represent a genuine innovation. Submissions that describe “tweaks” or relatively small improvements to existing technologies will not be considered. If the submission describes, for example, a new product or service, that is essentially similar to an existing product or service, it will not be considered. Where the innovation represents a wholly new application of an existing technology to a problem to which it has not been previously applied, the submission may be accepted for publication.


Requests for the inclusion of a new innovation in the NEW TECHNOLOGY section should be accompanied by a declaration that the innovation is, to the best knowledge of the person submitting, a genuinely novel development. If accepted for inclusion, ISCO will publish the submission in good faith but will not accept responsibility if the innovation proves not to be as novel or original as claimed.


The final decision on the acceptance or otherwise of a submission for publication in the NEW TECHNOLOGY section will be made by the Executive Committee of ISCO.


In writing a submission, authors should –


(a)     Use simple and clear language to describe the innovation and the benefits it can provide. Claims must be realistic, not exaggerated.

(b)     It is not ISCO’s brief to sell products and services. Submissions should therefore avoid the inclusion of “sales spiel”. A link (web site or Email address) should be provided so that interested readers can follow up directly with the innovator.

(c)     The article should avoid detailed technical descriptions of the innovation, this in part to protect the innovator in cases where the innovation is not fully patented or may be subject to copying by competitors.

(d)     The recommended length of the submission is not more than 300 words.


ISCO reserves the right to edit submissions but, if any editing is undertaken, the revised text will be submitted to the author for approval prior to publication.


Submissions should be forwarded by Email to the ISCO Secretary at [email protected]

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