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AES Response Operations LLC

Akaya Environmental

Alaska Maritime Prevention & Response Network 

Alpha Briggs (Mediterranean) Ltd.

AlphaMERS Pvt. Ltd.

Alpina Briggs Defesa Ambiental S/A

Anti Pollution Environmental Protection Services Ltd (Greece)

Antipollution SA

Braemar Response Ltd.

Briggs Environmental Services Ltd.

Briggs Marine Environmental Services Ltd.

Canberra & Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group (CROIERG)

Castalia Consorzia Stabile SCpA

Clean Caribbean and Americas

Clean Globe International

Clean Harbors

Clean Sea SA (Argentina)



Edge Group

Environmental Protection Engineering SA (Greece)

Enviropacific Services Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

ERE Response International Ltd.

Greener Vision Building & Landscaping (UK)

Hidroclean Servicos Maritimos SA

International Environmental & Marine Services

Joint Marine Environ Guard Ltd.

Marine Pollution Control Corp.

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Marine Response Alliance

Maritim Miljo-Beredskap AS

Meke Marine Environmental Protection Services Ltd.

MPS – Marine Pollution Services Ltd. (Israel)

National Response Corporation (NRC)

Novet Forte Ltd.

Oceanpact Servicos Maritimos S.A. (Brazil)

Ocean Pollution Control (Panama)

acean polution control 

Odun Environmental Ltd.

Oil Pollution Control South Africa

Oil Response Company of Australia Pty. Ltd.

Oil Spill Response Ltd.

Oman Petro Environmental Services Company

Orbital Earth Observation Solutions (Spain)

Pelagic Solutions Ltd., Belize

Polaris Applied Sciences Inc.

Polestar Maritime Ltd. India

Power Plus Cleaning Solutions


Resolve Marine Group Inc.

Sea Alarm Foundation

SeaHow Meritaito Ltd.

Seer Associates (Australia)

Sintec-Polska Sp. z.o.o. (Poland)

sintac polska








Spanopoulos Group of Companies (Greece)

Swire Emergency Response Services

Swire Logo


T&T Marine Salvage Inc.

Varichem de Colombia 

Verde Remediation Services Ltd.

Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.








Wastepro Ltd.






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