Underwater Oil Recovery

New Technology FOR Recovery OF Oil Underwater

Windsor Innovation’s of Woodbury, Minnesota has engineered and developed systems to contain and recover oil underwater for two aging problems that can cause dramatic environmental issues in the very near future if not addressed – Submerged Pipelines and Sunken Vessels.

Submerged Fluid Recovery System (SFRS) for Pipelines SFRS Pipeline is a submerged pipeline leak containment and collection device. It is deployed under water and attached directly to the pipe at the target leak site along its longitudinal axis. It is affixed by automated mechanical compression about the circumference of the pipe and has further capability of being anchored to the sea floor, if necessary. The system is constructed with a rigid transformational frame with a flexible or rigid shell covering that is delivered to the submerged pipe via a tool frame from a work vessel.

SFRS covers up to 70% of the pipe circumference and can vary in length dependent upon the leak type in the localized target area. The design enables the collection of oil rising from leaks originating about the pipe’s circumference as well as oil seeping from the sediment when partially buried.

A simple passive collection approach using Archimedes principal conveys collected oil from the SFRS on the leaking pipe to a submerged collection container that may be independent of or part of the marker buoy. This collected oil may then be pumped into a surface bladder/dragoon for storage until such time as it needs to be emptied or replaced or directly pumped to a transport ship. SFRS Pipeline utilizes a new water separation technology that minimizes the water content in the oil collected, which decreases the cost associated with recycling of captured oil.

Other benefits of this solution include preventing the oil from reaching the surface requiring the use of booms containment and skimmers for removal of the oil. This system requires less manpower and resources; it is not subject to surface weather conditions, and does not restrict waterway passage when deployed in constrained waterways such as rivers.

Submerged Fluid Recovery System (SFRS) for Point Sources

Additionally, Windsor has developed the SFRS system into a transformational structure that creates an envelope, dome and/or funnel like shape that is deployed underwater from standard surface platforms.

The system is deployed directly above the source of the submerged oil / hydrocarbon leak and orients itself within the current to optimize collection. Oil rises into the formed envelope and passes through without any water rising to the surface through the umbilical hose directly into an unmanned buoy or stationed recovery vessel.

Windsor is working with Larry E. Murphy, Chief, Submerged Resources Center of the National Park Service for a pilot project where SFRS will be deployed within the hatches and breaches of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor as a passive containment and collection system to prevent the oil from leaking into Pearl Harbor as well as act as a scientific platform for the continued study of sunken legacy vessels. TJ Parro, President, states, “It is apparent that alternative cost effective solutions for dealing with legacy vessels are needed, as the USS Mississinewa and Jacob Luckenback projects have demonstrated.

These systems are now being further developed and brought to market as a result of a collaboration between Windsor Innovations and Slickbar Products Corporation.

For additional information, please visit www.slickbar.com or email Dan Beyer at [email protected]

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