Marc K. Shaye, Attorney at Law

Marc K. Shaye

Marc K. Shaye is Managing Director of Lippitt O’Keefe Goenbein PLLC.

Over many years he has acquired specialised knowledge and legal experience in environmental affairs.

His professional activities have included membership of the Oil Spill Response Plan Negotiation Committee to develop Federal Regulations pursuant to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990; Lecturer, Master of Science Program, Hazardous Waste Management, Wayne State University and he has been a member of the ASTM, Committee F-20 since 1974.

Other past and present positions held include General Counsel and Executive Director, Spill Control Association of America, 1972-2005; Member, Partnership Action Team, United States Coast Guard.

He was recipient of the 2000 Howard E. Stanfield distinguished service award presented by the Spill Control Association of America in recognition of outstanding service to the spill response industry and has been elected as an Honorary Fellow of the International Spill Control Organization.

He has authored and presented numerous papers at major conferences and in technical journals, focusing on legal aspects of environmental protection and liability legislation.

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