Ralph Dollhopf, US EPA

Ralph Dollhopf

Ralph. Dollhopf has served as an On-Scene Coordinator for USEPA’s Emergency Response Team since 1985.

He has helped to lead EPA’s responses to nationally significant events including EPA’s cleanup of residential methyl parathion sites in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Mississippi (1997-1999); World Trade Center (2001); Washington DC anthrax attacks (2001-2002); Columbia Space Shuttle Recovery (2003) and Hurricane Katrina (2005).

Mr. Dollhopf represented EPA in the inter-agency drafting of the original National Response Plan and National Incident Management System and has since
taught and led effective implementation of ICS by EPA.

From July 2010 thru August 2013 he served as the EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) during EPA’s response to the July 2010 Enbridge Line 6B Discharge into the Kalamazoo River.Currently stationed in Traverse City, Michigan, he holds Psychology and Environmental Engineering degrees.

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