Dave Westerholm NOAA


Dave Westerholm is a Senior Executive with the U.S. Government who currently serves as the Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) Office of Response and Restoration.

His Emergency Response Program includes Scientific Support Coordinators who directly assist Federal On Scene Coordinators with environmental data, modeling, preparedness aids and training. He oversees NOAA’s new Disaster Response Center and as the primary federal trustee his Damage Assessment and Restoration Program is responsible for protecting coastal and marine resources, mitigating threats, reducing harm, assessing damage and restoring ecological function under the Clean Water Act, CERCLA and the Oil Pollution Act.

In addition, he manages NOAA’s Marine Debris Program, a multi-agency effort devoted to prevention, education and mitigation of the hazards of persistent marine debris. Prior to NOAA, Mr. Westerholm had several years of corporate experience as both Senior Operations Director and Vice President for Anteon Corporation and then General Dynamics. He is a retired Coast Guard Captain with experience in a variety of assignments including engineering, search and rescue, marine safety, security, emergency management and environmental protection

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