Dan Capone Weston Solutions Inc.


Mr. Capone is currently a Senior Project Manager for Weston Solutions, Inc.

He has supported the U.S. EPA for over 15 years under the Superfund Technical Assistance and Response Team (START) Contract with the EPA’s Region 5 Emergency Response Division. Mr. Capone has 27 years of experience providing technical assistance on chemical and oil spill emergency responses, including numerous nationally significant events such as Hurricanes Katrina and Ike and the Columbia Shuttle disaster. He also has extensive experience in managing large environmental assessment and removal projects throughout the Midwest.

He has been on-site at the Enbridge Oil Spill response since July 27, 2010 and has assisted the EPA with the response efforts in numerous capacities including managing all EPA START contractor resources during the first several months of the response effort (>100 people during the first several months), Supervisor of the Air Monitoring and Sampling Group, Deputy Operations Section Chief, Operations Section Chief, and currently serves as the Deputy Incident Commander.

Mr. Capone holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology and resides in the Lansing, Michigan area.

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