The Forum presented a cross section of professionals representing the multi disciplines addressing the issues of spill response to potentially sinking oils. Thank you for your participation and support to help us meet the goal of providing a platform to discuss these important developments in our industry.

We would like to encourage you to give your comments or feedback on any of the issues raised in the presentations or on the Forum in general. Feedback on the Forum will be used to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the Forum and guidance to make future events even better. Please take a moment and share your thoughts.

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ISCO, in its 30th anniversary, is proud to have provided a link between International Government agencies, Industry, the Scientific Community, Research and Development and Spill Responders to the issues of today and the trends leading to the future.

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The Forum is an example of the ISCO commitment bringing the issues to the professionals and it is our intent to continue to do so with your participation and support. Thank you! 

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