ISCO is grateful that most members pay their annual dues on time but unfortunately there are exceptions.

All members are reminded that membership fees should be paid annually in advance on the date of the anniversary of the date on which you first joined the organization.

Currently, our Membership Director Mary Ann Dalgleish is spending a considerable amount of time in chasing up overdue subscriptions. This task is made even more difficult in cases where invoices and reminders get bounced because contact details are no longer valid. If you have not received an invoice or payment reminder please contact Mary Ann at [email protected] without delay.

If you do not keep your subscription up-to-date and ignore reminders it will be assumed that you are no longer interested or involved in the spill control community. In such cases you will be removed from the roll of members and –

  • Your subscription to the ISCO newsletter will be cancelled
  • You will not be advised of emergency requirements for spill response support services, equipment and materials.
  • Your access to the members’ area of the ISCO website will be disabled
  • Your directory listing with hyperlink to your company website will be deleted.
  • You will not be accorded any priority in newsletter editorial content concerning new products, services, and company news.
  • You will lose your right to display the ISCO logo on your stationary and promotional materials
  • You will no longer be eligible for discounts negotiated by ISCO on behalf of its members
  • Professional members will be de-listed and will lose the right to use initials denoting professional membership of ISCO

You will be right if you conclude that ISCO is getting tough on members who persistently fail to pay their dues. We take the view that non-paying members are being subsidised by those that those that pay their dues on time – and this is not fair.

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Newsletter subscription

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