The International Spill Control Organization (ISCO) and BIMCO are working together to develop a standard contract for spill response services. The contract is expected to be published by the end of the year.
The Spill Response Services and Equipment Contract is designed for situations where a spill incident occurs and the ship-owner or other stakeholder (the “requesting party”) needs to contract for clean-up services, counter pollution measures, and hire of equipment. Terms and conditions are set out in standard clauses with accompanying annexes for parties to insert detailed descriptions of the required services and rates for personnel and equipment.
Emergency situations require a prompt response. In order to avoid delay the contract envisages that the parties are able to sign it and mobilise the response while negotiations continue on rates and charges. Mobilisation of personnel and equipment can then begin promptly leaving parties to focus on the operation itself.
The specialist drafting committee comprises representatives from BIMCO, ISCO, the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG) and the International Salvage Union (ISU).
During the development process stakeholders such as ITOPF and the IG Pollution Subcommittee’s Vessel Response Plan Working Group have been consulted. The next step will be to receive further input on the draft before it is presented to BIMCO’s Documentary Committee and the ISCO Committee for approval. Interested contractors and ship-owners can contact BIMCO at  or ISCO at

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